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What’s yoga for beginners?

What’s yoga for beginners? 1

Yoga for beginners:

1. Is yoga something for me?

Is yoga not floating? Is it not heavy? Are you going to sweat anyway?

Undoubtedly you will ask yourself if you want to start well as a beginner.

The answer is simple: yoga is for everyone. Provided you make the right choice for the yoga form, the school and the teacher.

Yoga teaches you to deal more consciously (with more attention) with your body and your head. And that is useful for everyone in this beautiful, but fast time of internet, smartphones, Netflix and Social Media.

2. What form is suitable as yoga for beginners?

Ask yourself to begin with: what do I want to achieve with yoga? Do you want to:

  •       a stronger and smoother body?
  •       more rest in your head?
  •       working on a good attitude?

Your goal is important in your choice for a yoga form.

There are forms where the emphasis is on physical exertion, but also on spiritual development or mental relaxation.



3. Find a teacher that you feel comfortable with

At least as important as your choice for the right yoga form, is the teacher / teacher you are taught. It is important that this person has a pleasant voice for you, ‘speaks your language’ and can guide you in a nice way.

If you do not have this click, it says nothing about the professionalism of the teacher, but apparently he or she does not suit you. And just do a trial class at various schools in your neighborhood!

4. Give it the time

One trial lesson is too little to properly determine whether you like it or not. Yoga is different than sports and that takes some time.

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You sometimes do exercises that you are not used to, hear words you do not know very well yet and you may have to get used to the fact that it is not about competition and performance.

Our advice (from personal experience!) Is: give yourself three months time, go with an ‘open mind’ and do not decide too quickly.



5. What do you wear during the lesson?

Do you have to purchase a whole new wardrobe when you start your yoga classes for beginners? Certainly not! Wait a few lessons before you go shopping. You probably have sweatpants, shirts and a few nice cardigans in your closet.

6. Read about yoga for beginners in a book or magazine

You will only experience the fine effects of yoga when you DO it, but we can also imagine that you first want to read something about yoga before you begin.

Much is written about yoga in both books and magazines.

Choose a book about yoga for beginners.

Or buy a yoga or health magazine (Yoga Magazine, Happinez and many others!) In the store and curl yourself up on your couch.

These 6 tips to start well will certainly help you to make the best choice for yoga for beginners. Are you ready to find a nice school in your area?

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