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Khi- yoga – a recreation area of the school of Vietnamese martial arts Tam Qui Khi-kong. Khi-yoga – a unique and multi-faceted, extensive style. In the classroom exercise on flexibility, work with breathing, static and dynamic systems, aimed at strengthening the back, joints and internal organs improvement, development and management of the internal energy (Khi).

The technique is so effective that after the first few sessions felt the positive changes in the body a burst of energy, improved mood. In order to achieve significant results, you need to practice regularly, overcoming our weaknesses while living a meaningful way every moment of his life. Pursuing the procedure Khi-yoga, a person gets rid of diseases, excess weight, stress and fatigue, restores energy balance and vitality. So, step by step, he approaches the harmony with your body.

The Khi yoga several basic sections:

  • Nine exercises to develop Khi belt (power zone), for the recovery of the lower spine and kidneys.
  • Static exercises for the development of tendons – to improve the circulation of energy and blood throughout the body, activation of the processes of cleansing the body.
  • “Iron Shirt” – body training to obtain higher spiritual energies. Providing stress effects, “iron shirt” causes the body to adapt, rebuild all the structures, strengthen metabolism, getting rid of excess weight.
  • Practice postures in Khi yoga resembles classical yoga, but without too complicated and long sequences of postures.
  • Practice breathing, it is present in each section Khi-yoga, but in serious need to practice breathing to start only after a large and fruitful work to the body.
  • Tao, or “form”. The complex movements, which is repeated thousands of times, has yet to learn on a subconscious level. It is like a burst of energy that can be harnessed and resume at will.
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read literature:

  • Tam Qui Khi-kong “Ancient Vietnamese martial art”
  • Thien Zuen “Khi yoga. Yoga I’m on the move “
  • Thien Zuen “Khi yoga. Overweight – a threat to health ‘

Video. Khi Yoga

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