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Hatha yoga as a form of yoga has a long history and a strong tradition.
Therefore, today the most popular style of yoga. Many modern methods of teaching yoga (
Iyengar yoga , Ashtanga Vinyasa and others) – a kind of hatha yoga. Hatha Yoga gives the most general idea of spiritual practices. The practice of classical hatha yoga consists of several compulsory elements:

  • Asanas – the special position of the body (posture).
    They make the yogi resistant, free from ailments and give ease of the body. Asanas taught already in an initial course of hatha yoga.

  • Breathing exercises (
    pranayama ). In the classical hatha yoga work with the breath is given a lot of time. However, Hatha Yoga for beginners does not include the deep practice of pranayama.

  • Work with care.
    In hatha yoga asanas – that is exercises to train attention, because in the process of their implementation should concentrate on specific points of the body.

  • Internal psychological work.

Hatha Yoga for beginners includes mainly work with asanas.
The initial course of hatha yoga is not intended to perform complex asanas and pranayama, as a beginner’s body is not ready for such pressures. You must first strengthen the body and make it more resilient and healthy. Practice proper breathing is added gradually as the development of the initial course of hatha yoga. In hatha yoga exercises are usually directed to a specific body part or organ. There are special complexes of exercises of hatha yoga, aimed at straightening the spine, strengthen the muscles of the abdomen and back, opening the joints. In hatha yoga asanas complexes are often used to improve health, to combat certain diseases. Any set of exercises of hatha yoga necessarily imply time to relax, because the science of relaxation of body and mind is an integral part of the practice.

If the schedule of the club is hatha yoga, it should be clarified on what method or school will receive training and practice, as a Hatha yoga includes various styles and techniques (yoga Iyengar, Ashtanga, yoga-flow, etc.).
This does not exclude that an instructor can adhere to the occupation of any one style or mix different styles and techniques, depending on the physical training of practitioners and their wishes.

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Hatha Yoga


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