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How to choose the right mat for yoga?

How to choose the right mat for yoga? 5

As the yoga mats you can certainly use any litter that is suitable in size and pleasant in texture. It can be a versatile mat products for home and camping mat and beach towel. However, all of these items do not have the properties that are necessary for the successful practice of yoga. Therefore, there are special yoga mats, which have the requisite qualities for a comfortable practice. Most people who practice yoga, especially beginners, are often asked how to choose the right mat and what parameters to consider when choosing. In this article, we will try to answer these and other questions.

Whether your mat is needed?

If you regularly practice yoga, you own a rug is an essential attribute.
Firstly, because the mat is required for home practice. Secondly, it is useful for travel. Third, it must be regarded as an object of personal use, the same as a toothbrush or washcloth. Because yoga practice to work with energy, a portion of your energy will need to stay on the mat. Therefore, it is not necessary outside the classroom to offer it to their pets or used as sidushki during the campaign. Remember, this is the subject of your personal yogic hygiene. However, if you do yoga occasionally and do not practice yoga at home, you can use the mat for public use.

Dimensions mat: length, width and thickness

The length of the pad is calculated as your height + 5-10 centimeters.
For most practitioners sufficient length of 183-185 centimeters. . If your height is more than 180 cm, or do you do with the specific practices body icing, we advise you to consider the acquisition of the mat length of 200-220 cm Also on sale are long rugs 170 -. 175 cm.

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The standard width of yoga mats – 60 cm. This is sufficient for most people.
If you differ large physique, you can opt for a mat width of 80 cm.

The thickness of the pad is from 3 to 6 mm.
Mat thickness 4 – 5 mm is the optimum one, since It creates a softer and more comfortable conditions for the practice, as well as fewer passes cold from the floor, which is important when performing Shavasana and during long meditation. yoga mat thicker longer loses in stability. In trips certainly more convenient mat 3 mm thick.

properties rugs

How to choose the right mat for yoga? 6Many practitioners during practice actively sweat on the mat and plastic high humidity can cause slippage. If you have this problem is urgent, it is recommended to purchase a rug made of natural material – cotton, natural rubber, or with the addition of jute fibers. Rubber mats have a porous structure, which perfectly absorbs moisture.

In recent years, manufacturers of rugs are increasingly offering a variety of eco-friendly mats.
Such a carpet can be produced as a completely natural materials or with natural fibers. If you are a responsible approach to what you are buying, and are concerned about environmental protection, pay attention to the eco-friendly mats.

How to care for carpet?

In the production of most of the mats covered with special grease, so that they do not stick together during storage.
Therefore, immediately after the purchase, a new pad is recommended to wash with soap and water. Many carpets are well tolerated and machine washable. But it is better to clarify this point when purchasing. Spin feature to use is not necessary, it can damage the rug. The more you sweat in training, the more often you need to wash the pad.

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Keep a yoga mat should be minimized.
Minimize the need to pad the bottom side of the inside, otherwise the edges over time, begin to bend upward. You can also turn off the mat every time in a different direction. It is not recommended to put a rug and keep it that way for a long time, this can lead to the emergence of distinct grooves and rubber in these areas will be quickly erased.

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