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Therapeutic aspect of Hatha Yoga

Therapeutic aspect of Hatha Yoga 7

Over the past forty years, hatha yoga
has been recognized worldwide as a therapeutic science, a lot of scientific research has been conducted in this area. Since ancient times it has been used by yogis and sages to eliminate all kinds of diseases, defects and abnormal functioning of the body. However, the practice of Hatha Yoga require more time and effort from the patient than conventional medicine, but in terms of permanence and stability of the positive results, as well as in terms of savings on the huge expenditure on medicines, Hatha Yoga is definitely worth considering.

Here are three important principles on which the mental and the physical therapy of Hatha Yoga:

  • Absolute improvement of one portion or human body system, which entails improvement of other body parts.
  • Balancing the positive and negative poles of energy.
  • Cleansing the body of the three types of waste.

In the physical human body various organs and systems are designed to perform their own functions, but must be smooth coordination between them. If any of the authorities or any system of the body is not able to coordinate their work with each of the other organs or systems, this means that unbalanced is not the only one body, and all systems and organs. Thus, for any disease – whether it is a physical disease or mental illness – everything works inconsistently. In accordance with the law of mutual rhythms all you need to do in order to restore the health of the entire system – is the result in the health of one organ or system. Then, for this organ or system naturally will follow the rest of the body.

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Therapeutic aspect of Hatha Yoga 8

Poor health of a system gives rise to poor health in other parts of the body. You can not say that you have a stomach ache, and everything else in order. Therefore, a person who has several unhealthy bodies, should, in general, be subjected to the treatment of only one of them. If you are able to restore the health of a single system of the body, the body gradually begins to improve. It is in this spirit that prescribed treatment Hatha yoga.

Another important aspect of health is the conservation of energy in the physical body. We attribute very great importance of nutrition, but we forget about the real source of energy inherent in our body. This energy is to some extent similar to the positive and negative charges, pulsing around us. The correct balance between these opposing forms of energy gives rise to good health. Each time, these positive and negative currents are suppressed, blocked, scattered or poorly distributed, inevitably arise disease. Various organs and body systems exist not only at the expense of food and vitamins. The main source of energy in life are these positive and negative charges. Therefore, the science of physical and mental harmony is known as Hatha Yoga.

Physical and mental treatment – one of the most important achievements of Hatha Yoga. Until now, Hatha Yoga has succeeded in the treatment of diseases such as asthma, diabetes or high blood pressure, where modern medicine does not have much success. In addition, Hatha Yoga has proved very effective in cases of epilepsy, hysteria, rheumatism and many other chronic diseases, and organic nature.

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Therapeutic aspect of Hatha Yoga 9

It is now established that the asana and pranayama are the most powerful and efficient way to manage the entire body. They are the first steps, which allow us not only to change the mechanisms of functioning of the body element, but also to give the controls over all structures of the brain and mind, to a control system that allows us to manage all aspects of our lives, including energy.

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