Do not Isolate People, Increase Your Self-Esteem in Change

4 Facts You Should Overcome by Shyness -for Bernardo Stamateas-

Loneliness is when literally you are alone, without people. Sometimes it is good to be alone to think, reflect, etc. but isolation is a barrier, a wall that does not allow you to relate to others. A person of low self- esteem often will raise a barrier, sometimes unconsciously, between herself and others by fear having to relate to someone else.

The law of entropy says that everything is closed ends deteriorate. A person fear or shyness can be isolated in four different areas :

1. Isolate people.

The timid it difficult to talk, he gets nervous, blushes, her hands perspire, she feels ashamed because you are afraid of ridicule. Other people can not connect with others because they are more timid. It is the person who observes but does not participate, it is but has a big repression of emotions, as strong self-censorship looking but can not participate, wants to say something but can not, wants to say but can not. Whether or not, nobody notices.

The person who is isolated in this way can not connect with others because it has only child mentality. The only son has many good things, but it has many difficulties to overcome: do not know neither toys nor share the love of his mother and father. We are social beings who need to connect with others to feed our soul and our spirit and stay healthy emotionally.

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2. Isolate spirituality.

Our spirit is the deepest part of our being that brings us closer to our true selves. So we should not isolate ourselves from that aspect of ourselves but feed him , know him and know that is the source of all good, of life, of peace. Do not fear your spirituality or isolate yourself from it.

3. Isolate your own dream.

Each time you do not look fulfill your dream, you take the worst decisions of your life. Whenever you stay in the wrong place, whenever you do not go to fight for your dream, every time you do not develop your potential, which is unlimited, you make mistakes. Do not isolate yourself from your dream. You were born for something, there is purpose in your naciemiento.

4. Isolate itself.

There are people who are isolated from itself. The person who isolates herself is literally broken. When you are divided you run one way in one place and another way in another. People at work are loving, sweet, caring and rude house, shout, they argue. When someone is split it becomes contradictory: he wants to be a good person, but erases doing their say. A contradictory person always will curb the potential of others.

If you have identified in these 4 areas and are so tired of being shy and being isolated from the world, my personal recommendation to you is to read the guide Social Trust , have been searching all over the internet the best practical book on this subject, I read this guide, and the result is very good:

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Elias Berntsson

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