To be happy, do not obsess yourself for pleasing others

To be happy, do not obsess yourself for pleasing others 3The starting point for success in everything we do is to change our way of thinking, it is to ask what we are thinking all the time. It is to review the mental images that invade our minds daily and will form part of our esteem. What is now occupying your mind? As well as physical images made of wood or stone carved in our minds images also exist there.

A physical image we can see with our eyes, while a mental image equivalent to a recorded setting in mind. We do not see with our physical eyes but sooner or later, they will be visible through our behavior. Mental images appear in our minds over and over again, sometimes even unwittingly. Moreover, many times we want to disappear, yet they remain.

That is why if we have a healthy esteem and thus achieve everything that we set out, we first need to realize those negative images that only hurt us to remove them and give them the right place to those images that will help us healthy and work freely.

To be happy do not obsess about pleasing others or by the opinion of others towards you. There will always be ingrates who throw away food to give them. Obsession is an image that is repeated in our mind and makes life revolves around it.

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An obsession appears in the form of a thought or feeling that repeats compulsively and impulsively. It is an image that disturbs you, takes away peace, not let you sleep and makes alive worried most of the time. It may even affect your daily activities such as work or relationships. Very different from the obsession is the passion that lifts you, raise your esteem , motivates you, makes you feel good and helps you to be happy.

On the contrary, the obsession never allow you to be well, because in the same event or situation produces a constant discomfort, disturbance and in some cases even despair at the thought that this situation will never change. Some have become obsessed with what others tell them: “Look what he told me … Look what he told me!” And spend twenty and keep repeating the same thing ? “But you know what he told me … and how am he said it!”.

Those people are with someone and have no other topic of conversation rather than what they said to him and to dream of one who said something … That’s a negative mental image that we must avoid. Another common obsession is: “I need that man (or woman). I love that man! How is it possible that this man has forsaken me? “. A woman with this obsession gets up and just think of it, he lies down and think about it, think about it all the time, and how he left her, this woman feels that her life no longer makes sense …

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Others rise and not think about anything other than in their occupation, eat and think about it, “that business”. Addicted to their work, which created within themselves a negative and disturbing image that does not allow them to enjoy life, because their focus all their energy and are on what their obligations are. Obsessional ideas, are of the kind they are, are images that we remove from our minds if we want to be successful and healthy self – esteem people.

A hug,

Elias Berntsson

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