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Learning to fulfill Utthita Trikonasanu

Learning to fulfill Utthita Trikonasanu 9

pose an elongated triangle is considered one of the basic postures while standing and at the same time one of the most difficult poses. This asana
has a complex effect on the entire body: it strengthens the legs and back, opens the chest and pelvis due to multi-directional stretching arms and legs, promotes weight loss, relieves pain in the back and neck, a beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system. In addition, learning to evenly distribute the force of the hands, feet and body in this position, you will find a balance – not only physical, but also emotional.

We enter into an asana

Spread your legs at a distance of a little more than a meter jump or step.
The distance between the feet must be optimal in order to position the feet comfortable and stable. The feet should be parallel to each other. Fully extend your right leg out: fingers and knee should look strictly right. The right heel should be aligned to the left. Left foot inside the wrap at 15-20 degrees. Bend your right leg so that the knee appeared over the heel, then look on the right thigh – it must be parallel to the floor. If not, increase the distance between the feet: leaving right leg bent, advance the left foot further from the right, until the will not be the right thigh parallel to the floor. Then straighten your right leg. 

Take the brick and put it on the line for the high right foot.
If you went into the pose, you feel you can put his hand below, and change the position of the brick or completely remove.

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Arms out to the sides, parallel to the floor and try to pull them in different directions, and the top of the head drag up, lengthening the spine.
Firmly press the outer edge of the left foot to the floor. Lift the right side of the pelvis, removing it from the right thigh. Pull your knees. Take a deep breath, dropping his left hand on the waist, and glancing at the fingertips of his right hand. On the exhale, slowly lower the right, making the slope of the hip joint and evenly extending both flanks.

Lower your right hand on the brick, press firmly to his hand, but do not put weight on her body.
Left hand drag up to the ceiling. Try to keep the body in the same plane. Does not bend back and do not strain your stomach. Breathe deeply and calmly, watching the expanding chest and breathing becomes free.

Hold asana for 8-10 breaths, then exhale strongly press the left foot to the floor.
With inhalation go up as much as possible pulling the left arm. Then repeat the asana on the left side.

Learning to fulfill Utthita Trikonasanu 10Learning to fulfill Utthita Trikonasanu 11Learning to fulfill Utthita Trikonasanu 12

Common Pitfalls

  • Bend the knees can cause them injury.

  • Bend waist and gets coccyx.

  • No balance and stability in the posture due to the fact that the feet are not on the same line, or the front part of the body bent forward.

  • Compressed side, which is inclined to the floor.

Tips and tricks

  • Going into the asana, try to align the position.
    Make sure the pads under your thumb, the area under the little finger, the outer and inner edges of the heels are firmly pressed to the floor, the body weight is distributed evenly between them, and the right foot was still wrapped inside.

  • Take care to the kneecap looked exactly right for it to actively deploy the right thigh outward.

  • Try to evenly pull the two sides – do not squeeze the right and rounded the left.

  • Actively pull your hands – even if they are like rays emanating from the heart.
    Taps the shoulders of the head. The left hand should be pointing straight up, do not allow it to deviate forward or backward.

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