How to Overcome Grief for a loss

how to overcome grieving a loss

 5 Steps on how to overcome grieving a loss

One of the hardest moments for a human being, is to find the key to how to overcome grieving a loss. When we talk about Mindfulness or practice of mindfulness, we are not talking about a way to escape from the immediate reality, so therefore, speaking of the presence of death and loss in our lives, from the view of mindfulness will talk about acceptance and pain as a catapult for healing to emotional stability. Answerable to react; coping against evasion.

I want to show you in this post, 5-step how to overcome grieving a loss from work mindfulness or mindfulness; a basic but very powerful tool that allows us to position ourselves in the present moment space to cope with a life with more consciousness in which we are owners and owners of our actions.

When speaking of death in this world we inhabit, usually you change conversation, he looks away, refuses or referring to “bad luck” that brings about it; but the fact is that is so natural, it’s impossible to get away from your presence because it is another side of life.

The death of a loved one or close one, the loss of someone, marks a before and after in our life cycle, since it involves, as in the case of a birth, end and beginning of a new stage.

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That is why, before looking the other way or try not affect us, the important thing is to assume the fact and start a duel to settle this new phase of our life in the experience of living.

Here are five steps to follow when getting over grieving a loss.

1. Surrendering to what it feels like . Mindfulness is not to hide emotions or spend all day with smile pasted. Mindfulness is taking life as it is. What it is here and now, and when there is a loss, normal must be surrender to what you feel and be aware of pain. Suffering comes when grief is not exceeded. The pain is normal and necessary at some point in our lives.

2. Acceptance without resignation . Nothing we can do. Just take a reality for the attention of consciousness in the here and now. Just prepare to feel the absence of what we need now or what will no longer have. That’s not resign themselves to suffering and bitterness, but watch the moment as it is.

3. Find spaces of silence and beauty . Life goes on and in pain, there are also silent spaces of beauty that life gives us every moment. Mindfulness helps us learn to feel them and see them, even in the hard times. Life and death in the perfect balance of the present moment.

4. Understand that there are eternal. Outside any religious conditioning (everyone is free to profess their religion), from a spiritual sense, it is good acceptance that there are eternal in the sense of living forever the world we now inhabit. Life precisely makes sense in fact assume as normal fact of dying. Neither it is much less always be with her present. It is simply part of life.

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5. Parting. When the duel becomes suffering it is when we have not accepted the fact and we have not fired. Parting is aware of the loss and make our intimate and unique tribute to what we have lost. Each person can have their own farewell ceremony. It may be personal, intimate or collective, but in it we become aware of the present moment and say goodbye sense versus what we have lost. It closes the circle is a step to open another. Suffering comes when we open circles with unhealed wounds.

It’s not easy. When we talk about how to overcome grieving a loss, we are talking about accepting the present moment as it is. Here and now. Accept that pain is inherent to living itself; but suffering is optional and depends solely on our way to meet the necessary mourning. Life goes on.

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