Initiation to putting mindfulness meditation in your life

Introduction to mindfulness meditation from Plenacción

Speaking introduction to meditation, how could it be otherwise, I will like to invite you to discover how, from the practice of mindfulness, you will come to get an introduction to meditation not, just an attempt to pursue higher serenity in your day to day; but the practice of mindfulness, you get to get that meditation is a part of your life as important as feeling alive or alive every morning when you wake up.


Initiation to meditation is one of the objectives of Plenacción.

When I myself began, many years ago with the introduction to meditation, it was normal not to be centered more than 2 or 3 minutes, trying not to move forward and get to that saying of “blank mind”.

By the way that the mind blank is not true . Not mind goes blank, but you learn to have a new relationship with your thoughts reducing your mental noise; that constantly occurs in your “crazy up” as he called Santa Teresa, or as I like to call me: “Machine fuss”

20 years after those early days, (I write this post in 2015), my daily sit-ins, lead me to stay at least 20-30 minutes minimum meditation and, occasionally, those periods lengthen a couple session of 40 minutes with 10 to 15 minutes in between walking meditation.

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Everything is a work practice. You have to be clear that mindfulness or mindfulness, is a skill and that meditation actually is a tool to achieve that state of mind that everyone craves when he argues that initiation into meditation, it has reached its starting time.

From my experience and the discovery of Zen meditation at first and techniques of mindfulness, I wanted to start the project you can now see here in Plenacción and complemented by another space Emotional Photography and mindfulness that you will find at:

My goal when opening these two spaces in the network are, as says Andy Puddicombe of their own, in his book “Mindfulness Mindfulness” , to show that the practice of meditation and if you enter a process of initiation to meditation , which will report good profits for both your mood, your physical health and your overall well – being, it is simple and easy to implement in your daily life always, of course, you put on your part.

But I try as Puddicombe, that this path by the discovery of mindfulness, is pleasant, approachable, affordable and very well integrated into your daily work says.

Throughout the practice of mindfulness, you will not have big visions, spiritual ecstasy, mental elevations or anything, but you’re going to be a conscious person, living his life with serenity, peace and prosperity without thereby leave to do what you like . Yes; surely see very clear what you do not like and can have a major value to start changing it .

What I intend through Plenacción and Fotomontoya, is to help you discover how to “disconnect” from the constant mental noise that we usually have , how to learn to be happy in a normal way, how to enjoy your day aside excessive worries not take you away that anxiety, depression and anxiety and how to stop all day “traveling” between the past was and the future is not, as you stop living in the present that inhabit.

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I want to help you discover the extraordinary is everyday

Launch your personal and professional initiation to meditation development, opening a new path of learning in which realizarte as a human being. Life is yours, you decide

Work in Plenacción, I have aimed to show the way I’ve been traveling because I do not like to talk about what I know. And if you want, I can accompany you on your path of initiation to meditation with any of the Programs of mindfulness practices to see on the web or even any questions or more personalized help either face or remotely.

I invite you to enter both here in Plenacción as to take a walk through the web Emotional Photography so you see a little of what this is all about mindfulness, mindfulness, personal and professional development and healthy life.

I invite you to become aware of your time to work for your happiness

And you know you can write e-mail or participate in social network space Plenacción whose links you see on the page.

I hope your introduction to meditation serve you in your life to open a new window to a life where mindfulness mindfulness will become the best habit you’ve ever taken.

To begin with, and if you have not already done so, I invite you to subscribe to Plenacción. Here’s a preview of the first video that you receive when you sign up, plus a book and Introductory Seminar Mindfulness

Welcome to. Are you at home. enter please.

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