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Relaxation techniques: How to get rid of stress to live better

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How To Deal With Stress Relaxation Techniques

Learn how to manage stress to be happier

Many people approach the Silva Method because they want to ward off stress and all its consequences. We offer our advanced solutions in the free lessons and courses, and all those who manage to agree that it is like “born again”.

If you really want to learn how nice it is to live without stress once you move away forever, we invite you to download our special mini free course to help you live better starting meditation and going beyond it. Go here to download the free lessons and ward off stress.

In fact, the reality shows that 80% of illnesses come from stress.

Knows no age, race or social class: all, to a greater or lesser extent, are exposed to it … So much so that, if we learn to not handle it, he’ll end up doing while putting limits on all our purposes.

Not only that, but their effects can cause us problems both physical and mental.

Learn to manage it and how to respond to it guarantees a better quality of life; but even though there are many who would propose, is often precisely that: an attempt. But it does not have to be like that.

Want to know how to ward off stress so you can live the life you always wanted? Here are some tips that will allow you to live better and happier.


Beware of stress!

Even without realizing it we tend to get breath, tighten the jaws, frown and tighten the muscles.

That is the physical representation of stress, but it goes far beyond all that …

It produces tension, irritability, inability to concentrate, fatigue and insomnia. But it does not stop there.

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Stress poorly controlled causes headaches, dry mouth, difficulty breathing, muscle tension, stomach pain, hypertension, exhaustion, anxiety, mood swings, hair loss, recurring hot flashes and loss of energy.

In addition, fast heart rate, digestion stops, muscle tension and increases blood flow to the brain and muscles increases up to 400% … To name only some of the consequences of suffering stress.

But, did you know that when you’re relaxed that all changes?



The key to wellness: Learn to relax

Relaxation is our natural state, and if we learn to be relaxed automatically be able to handle more and better stress.

Everything influences so that we are stressed: the rush, pending tasks, hectic lifestyle, pressures, continuous barrage of information … all this has caused your level of relaxation decrease significantly and therefore feel more stress, and that is cause you spend most of your time in a state of mental and physical stress and even discomfort.

But the more you familiarize yourself with relaxation, with your natural state, you will live better and better: you will be better able to handle calmly events in your daily life, you will begin to become more aware of the situations and circumstances that lead you to feel frustrated and therefore you will be more able to react calmly rather than opt for a stress-filled environment, you’ll feel more energetic and serenity to achieve all your purposes … and in short will enjoy a life of peace and harmony.

And if relaxation is our natural state and is a guaranteed success for a better life, why people choose not to live more relaxed?

The answer is that most people find it difficult to relax because they have never learned to do … Do you think so? Silva Method we help you do it. Get now our special free course to learn how to relax naturally
In fact, if we were to define in three words what relaxation can do for you, we would be very simple: CHANGE YOUR LIFE .

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8 techniques to relax

We are all exposed to stress, but the key is to learn to manage to approach a much more pleasant life, and full of peace, harmony and wellbeing.

Do you want to live a more relaxed life with everything that entails? Then, familiarize yourself with these eight tips:

1. Meditate. Did you know that meditation reduces stress significantly?

The Silva Method uses the Alpha state of mind to improve your quality of life; and not only that, but it teaches you to reduce stress quickly and whenever you need while you develop “anti-stress” powers.

With just 60 seconds you will learn to put yourself in meditation where nobody can disturb you and where stress disappears … A state where you are not only relaxed, but your ambitions and dreams appear clear without any distractions. Read more here and gives the final step to change your life.

2. Listen to music. Says the saying that “music soothes the savage beast” . The truth is that does much more than that.
Listen to relaxing music, increases happiness levels, reduces pain and provides energy … among many more benefits.

3. Take a nap. Did you know that sleeping less than 8 hours a day can mean 50% more cortisol?
Cortisol is released in response to stress, and something as simple as sleep needed and even take a nap of no more than 30 minutes can give you the relaxation you need.

4. He laughs. When you laugh, you’re opening the door for stress leave.
In addition, just laughing over a period of time you can halve the levels of cortisol.

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5. Take black tea. A London study found that people taking black tea after a stressful task fell by 47% cortisol levels … Its effect is soothing, but also contains teĆ­na so avoid taking the late afternoon or evening.

6. Give yourself a massage. Massages allow counteract stress by releasing dopamine and serotonin, the happiness hormones also occur when socializing with friends or doing something fun. Thus, cortisol levels are reduced one – third.

7. Maintain a healthy diet. Eating healthy and balanced is essential to guarantee you good health, but also to make you feel more relaxed.
And if you choose the right foods, your stress levels will decrease considerably. Want to know what foods relax your mind? Read it in our article.

8. Walk. Have you tried to walk even 15 minutes a day while relaxing your mind?

You see, stress plays a role in your life if you do not learn to manage it’ll be losing the opportunity to approach everything besides risking want to suffer physical and mental problems.

They say it is the epidemic of the XXI century. We believe that with the right techniques, we all have the opportunity to learn to manage to live much better, relaxed and in peace and harmony.

We wish we have answered a question: Is there a lot of stress in your life? What do you think is the main cause of that stress? Learning to identify it is the first step to let go of stress.

Fill your life well! ????


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