Mind Control: Learn How to Take the Monotony of Your Life Away

Mental Control: Learn How to Take the Monotony of Your Life Away 3

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What would you think if, in a few years, drive them look back and saw that did not happen in your life almost nothing interesting and worth remembering?

That’s what happens when we let our days fall into the hands of the monotony.

She, monotony, is what drives us and forces doing the same thing: always the same message, always the same job, the same tasks, the same routines … life itself. Always all the same, unchanged.

But not only that, but we are all exposed to fall into the monotony unless we avoid it.

And among many other consequences, become monotonous involves putting aside your dreams, zoom out why every day when you wake up you should be happy. Monotony binds you to this just like your past and deprives you of something everyone should enable us every day: the surprise factor.

That’s why the Silva Method is designed to, among other results, Logres away the monotony and believe the quality of life you want for yourself and your family through the training techniques of the most advanced and effective mind that there are up the date.
Enter here to see all that the Silva Method can do for you.

Do you want to achieve your dreams? You want to look back and be your smile that speaks for you? Then, it was time to say goodbye to monotony to keep moving toward your goals????

Walking outdoors vs. treadmill … What do you want for yourself?

Albert Einstein said that “If you want different results, do not do the same.”
And that is precisely what happens when we fall into monotony: we ALWAYS the same and we intend to achieve results DIFFERENT .

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Think about the monotony: someone who always does the same and at the same times, you always have the same conversations, someone who follows an agenda that no matter how full or empty it is forgotten to include improvisation and fun, living pending survive but forgets to live.

That’s what makes the monotony, and the truth is that as we told you above all are exposed to it.

So when after all the years you look back … What would you like to find?
The answer to that has it your present; and basically it is he who will give you your memories, who set the pace of your days and who will serve as a springboard toward your dreams.

Allows you to do a question: If you had to choose between a walk outdoors and a treadmill … Which would you choose ?

A) The treadmill gives you some security on the ground you walk on, keeps you in your comfort zone and makes it not necessary to risk … It keeps you tied to one place, predictable, unchanged, moving without progress; but there is something unchangeable: You know that as much as you wander’re always in the same place repeating the same sequence over and over again.

B) A walk outdoors means move and move even if it means risks and challenges, improvisation and constant attention. A walk outdoors even surrounded by the same landscape always involves being alert to reality more and different … You know that time passes, but walk steadily towards somewhere and for some purpose that only you know.

Which one do you prefer? Does the monotony of the treadmill or factor improvisation walk outdoors?
Obviously, away from the monotony can do for you much more than you think.

9 tips to ward off monotony

Did you know that while you have a monotonous life you can hardly feel passionate about some of the actions you take every day? But besides all that, the monotony cause boredom, demotivation, bassoons and even if it persists, depression.

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Look around you: What do you see? What motivates you? Where do you want to go? Answer those questions must serve to ward off monotony, and that can help the Silva Method Life.

Techniques, tools and specific meditations for each of your needs, the Silva Method is designed so you can have the life you always wanted. With the Silva Method Keep far monotony, but you will learn how to solve problems, ward off stress, improve your relationships, better health, concentrate better and have more creativity, ward off bad habits, finding your life purpose, developing your intuition and much more. Go here to read more about the Silva Method Life.

And if you want to start the basics and get an idea of ​​what the Silva Method can do for you, click here to access our free lessons.

The truth is that doing the same thing every day involves getting rid of surprise, stop living new sensations, looking at life in black and white, fall into boredom …

But once you move away the monotony you regain your passion for life and everything you want to accomplish. With the Silva Method you can stay away from her, but we also want to share you some tips so you do not ever fall into their networks.

1. Make different things. Never go into a routine of activities that you work every day and have other tasks to do not mean you should turn that routine monotony.

2. Vary your schedule. We all have fixed tasks in everyday life but … what if you invest your order, change your schedule and even do differently? It turns infallible!

3. Change path. Are you going every day to work, to school or pick up the kids at school? Sure there are places where you go every day … you Are not always use the same path?
Then we propose something: change of route, transport and even go on foot … But not become drudgery a pleasant walk????

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4. Listen to music. Did you know that music reduces pain, stimulates the brain and increases optimism? Reserve a few minutes a day to listen to music because that can make big changes in you.

5. Opting for variety. Do you watch TV often? Do you read every day? Whatever your distraction in your spare time, try to change registration. Listen other channels of radio or television that are different from the usual, or change a book by another historical intrigue.

6. Make changes. Sure you’re tired of seeing the same office, the same kitchen, the same dormitory … So why do not the “re-decorate”? Arrange things differently: you feel you are getting elsewhere.

7. Kitchen different. They say we are what we eat … So if you always eat the same or equally, do not you think that also influences the monotony? Invent new foods, read, question and even search the Internet … But preparing different types of food: I appreciate (and your stomach too!).

8. Socialize. Monotony prevents us from devoting time to people who have no place in our daily routines. Do not let that happen to you, so it’s a good time to make a visit to that loved one or friend who you have not see????

9. Trázate goals. And above all, recovers the illusion to live, dreams and goals to accomplish.
If you become important for yourself and lower the treadmill to get to walk toward your goals and nothing will stop you to have the life you want for yourself.

And before closing, a question: What are the three most important goals right now for you? Leave us a comment below, together with the advice you liked and you will begin to implement (although implement all would be great!).

The first symptom of monotony would prevent you leave us a comment: Challenge her, write and take the first action to stay away from her ????

By the way, do you prefer to walk outdoors or treadmill? To us we always enjoyed walking!