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What are some face slimming exercises?

What are some face slimming exercises? 1

Effective exercises to slim down the face

The first visible signs of aging of the skin are usually wrinkles and loose skin.

But the elasticity of your skin and the contours of your face also depend on the tone of your facial muscles. Muscles that need as much exercise as the rest of your body.

Here are 8 facial exercises that according to the medicine will help you keep a toned and young face.

Warm up your muscles 
First of all you need to start by warming up your facial muscles. Get up or sit down holding your back straight. Now try to ‘sing’ different vowels as long as you can. The vowels ‘I’, ‘O’, ‘E’ and ‘A’ are those which are generally the most effective. Repeat this exercise until your face is warm.
Exercise 1: 
Sit down and tilt your head back. Now imagine that you have to reach the ceiling with your lower lip. Push with your lower lip as far as possible and hold the position for 5 to 10 seconds. Then take a short break and repeat 2-3 times.
8 effective exercises to slim down the face
Exercise 2: 
Cross your arms over your chest and slowly lift your chin while staying straight. Once you reach your limit, take a long, deep breath then count to 10 or 15. Then return slowly to the starting position.
8 effective exercises to slim down the face
Exercise 3: 
This exercise is very simple but very effective. It helps to reduce the risk of loss of elasticity in the cheeks. Make sure you keep your head upright during this exercise. Pull the corner of your lips down and return to the starting position. Repeat this exercise at least 5 times, until you feel some tension in your muscles.
8 effective exercises to slim down the face
Exercise 4: 
Sit upright and hold a pencil with your lips tight. Now try writing your name in the air without moving your head. Keep doing this exercise for at least 3 minutes. Then take a short break and repeat 2-3 times.
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Exercise 5: 
This exercise is ideal for the neck muscles. It also helps to tone the muscles around the face. Tilt your head to the right, try to reach your shoulder with your ear. Press the right hand on the right side of your head while opposing a resistant with the head and neck. Hold for 10 seconds and repeat on the other side.

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