How to Overcome Verbal Abuse and Teasing

Overcoming Verbal Abuse and Teasing

What brings symptoms abuse or ridicule?

Teasing and verbal harassment is in all areas, also called mobbing, harassment of boys and girls at school, workplace harassment when your boss or co abuse, disqualification also from husband to wife or wife to husband , children, parents … also this cyberbullying, when you make a photo and publish it online to humiliate and mock you.

When we mistreat with words, words hurt and bring invisible scars, bring emotional bruises . They can go 10, 20, 40 and those words, those jokes to your person who hurt us can make us sick, we literally depressed, have gastric, stress problems, etc. because although over time those words that invisible scar generated by verbal abuse or verbal harassment.

What is the purpose of that teases you or mistreat you in words?

8466481123_9ece152a36_b [1]Whoever mocks or abuses has only one goal in mind, and this is key, and show that it has power over us, that’s the goal: “I have power over you” and this gives you ask? because behind all maltratador there is a wounded child is hidden, and by the shouts, insults, imposition, abuse, teasing … they want to show that they have power over you.

To achieve its objective which mocks or mistreats you put a hook, which is to say something that hurts or you get angry to take the bait and thus achieves its goal and feel powerful. The only goal then is: “I want to have power over you.”

Why hurt ridicule or verbal abuse?

Teasing or verbal abuse hurts because it’s unexpected, that is, those on the road with the car, or going to eat, or go walking in the schoolyard humming something … and do not expect someone to come with a Tuesday 13, with aggression, and you’re left with a bitter taste and think “what wrong did me that, that angry I feel inside” , and that inner anger, exploit or attack, the perpetrator or trickster says internally: “Accomplish My objective”.

In Greek the word “offense” means “trap”, ie when you offend you, you fell into the trap.

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The word “mockery” means “cut you in two,” ie that which mocks what is trying to achieve is split you.

What to do if you tease or to verbal abuse?

First of all know that teasing or verbal abuse are not personal, ie not tomártelo personally, this is a key.

For example: You are walking and dog bites. The dog is not up tomorrow and thought, “I’ll wait for Fulanito passing through here this morning to bite him.” This means that although the perpetrator may be occasional or may choose you to mistreat and mock you, basically it’s not personal, it’s not a problem that has to do with you, it is an internal problem of the perpetrator. It is essential to understand this.

The aim of that mocks and it mistreats hide that girl or that battered and wounded inner child crying, who was probably abused, abandoned, etc, and tries to hide by all those arrogant and insistent attitude as they are repeated taunts .

Second , it isuse assertive and firmly phrases without having to attack the other. For example: “Do not talk like I do not like” and repeat this phrase all the time necessaryinsist on it.

The important thing is not to snag what they tell you and put limits on people , good to have phrases like the above that take you quick from the scene of ridicule or harassment, another phrase is: “I’ll consider, thank you very much” and there you go and walk away ever so more of this person. Another phrase: “Very interesting what you say, I’ll think about it and there you go.

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Third ,is ignored. Sometimesis betterignore people who make fun of you or mistreat. Ask another invisible person because remember that the perpetrator or trickster has one goal: “I want to have power over you” , then sometimes itbetter todeaf and the abusernot follow to see that it has your attention.

On one occasion were a wise and a disciple walking down the street, and someone from there began to humiliate the wise shouting from afar, the sage who at that time was talking went on as if nothing were happening around him. Then the disciple said , “Master, you are insulting in public, do something , the sage said , “If you give a gift and you do not receive, for whom is it then?”

Then sometimes ignore it is a good technique.

Fourth , it islaugh. Di someone teases you and says , “Hey, you’re running out hair” and you say “No, I face is growing.” If you laugh at yourself you see immediate relief, but beware, if you laugh but you stay bad inside and see that you hook does not work. Laughing is also surprising way that teases mistreated or verbally that.

Finally remind you not take the bait of people who have their own conflicts, they have nothing against you, the problem is in them, do not hooks.

As someone who has gone through the first-person bullying, it is how difficult it can become a daily basis, facing the same bullies in school because you have to see them even in class. As an adult, those hurtful words and psychological abuse remain etched in memory, your life then becomes an uphill where all your actions cost you crawl like a heavy sack.

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Therefore we sincerely recommend that you attend a therapist, which will guide you to your emotional freedom because bullying is so severe that takes in a lot of cases to suicide. On the other hand, there are many books and information on the internet, but if you do not use the right, just be more accumulated without results.

My second recommendation is my online course called “The 2 Keys Bullying” , which was developed by my personal experience with my friend Sabrina Vallejo psychologist. Here we ‘ll show you a real path of personal growth where you know face and overcome the ghosts of bullying. If you want more information click on the following link:

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