What exactly do you see When you look in the mirror?

 You are a unique creation … when God made you he broke the mold.

Max Lucado

Honestly How many times have you looked in the mirror and you have focused on your weaknesses? very round nose, small eyes, too fat / a, too thin / a, too low / a … In a survey conducted in the US, 91% of people confessed that they perceived themselves as an ugly person.

In fact, there is a video in which an artist creates two sketches of the same woman, one based on how it looked herself, and based on how other people saw their second features. The result was that the second sketch was much more precise, much more than the first. Why did this happened? It was because other people do not exaggerate their faults, which is what we tend to do with ourselves.

This is the video:

I will answer the question: Why do not you focus on your weaknesses?

Before you answer, I want to know how can you tell which is your fault? How can you say that a round nose is not beautiful, or just because a person has a little overweight, it is no longer attractive? Focus on what we call defects makes change our self-perception, which leads to a dramatic reduction of self-confidence.

The problem is that since society is so obsessed with his idea of ​​beauty (perfect skin, small waist, long neck …) many times do we begin to believe these misperceptions. If you stay focused on what you think is wrong with you, even though there is nothing wrong with you, all that happens it is that you will end up hurting yourself / a.

If you want to live your life to the fullest, if you want to be the most authentic version of yourself, and the version with more confidence than you, first you have to stop doing is sorting each of the parts of your body as “acceptable” or “ugly”. Your life does not depend on the length of your neck or your waist circumference. Your life depends on the confidence you have within you. I will reveal the next secret: Most people are attracted to people who trust in themselves, and not by people who have a smaller waist or a long neck for example.

Exactly what do you see when you look in the mirror?How can you begin to love yourself now?

Begins and never accept you as you compare yourself with anyone, it sounds very simple, but it is essential to recover the smile.

You are the person you see in the mirror , and you’ll remain for the rest of your life. There will be physical changes in your body of course, but even then you will be so beautiful / a as you are today, if not more. Once you accept you as you are and love yourself as the person you are, automatically you look a thousand times more beautiful / a than you ever thought you could be.

Challenges the social perception of beauty. A fine nose is pretty? There are many beautiful women with noses not so thin, and society has accepted as nice and changed their perception. So do you think you should follow the perception of a company with such a volatile mentality?

Inspires other people to see its beauty for what they are. Like you, there are so many others suffering from the same question of whether or not they are sufficiently fine to society. If you can change the life of just one person, you will understand the joy that entails.

Ten optimistic thoughts at all times. What about negative thoughts is that only bring more negative thoughts. Once you start thinking as you gained 2 kilos of weight, it is likely to start thinking that was why what your boyfriend broke up with you. Negativity does more harm than anything else, you need to cultivate an optimistic mindset and perceive yourself through a positive light.

Stop comparing yourself with others. This is absolutely the worst pain you can inflict yourself. One of every two people compared with others, either in terms of physical appearance or for success. You need to understand that you are a different person that has its own goals, aspirations, and a unique purpose in life. You can not compare yourself with someone who is on a different trip of yours, it’s crazy. In three words: Stop comparing!

You see improvement if you can improve. Many people are trying to lose weight, and if this improves physical, mental and emotional health. Losing weight will also work wonders on your skin, hair, and you will conduct your duties more nimbly. Wherever there is room for improvement, do it, but remember that you must also accept absolutely right where you are now. Connect with yourself and your own best friend / a, no matter your size, shape, or color.

Surround yourself with positive people! Negative people will only tear down, you suck happiness and thrown. It ‘s not really their fault, they are fighting their own battles. If you think this is affecting your level of happiness, you should try to stay away from them and try to find support and company of loving people who appreciate and values.

A hug,

Elias Berntsson

(Source: Dr. Irene – theselfesteemblog.com)

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