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Phrases yoga

For you, on this beautiful Sunday

“You can not do Yoga.

Yoga is your natural state.

What you can do is

Yoga exercises,

which will reveal where

you are resisting

your natural state. “

Sharon Gannon

This phrase yoga have put in the digital book Yoga for Beginners I am creating. It makes me so excited! I have put it best articles blog very well categorized. In addition, I’ve included a phrase yoga in each chapter that had to do with the subject, and now I’m getting the images I want. For the next version want the images were mine, that is, in the positions I want to show. But little by little. It’s something that takes time and prefer to publish it now, to wait for perfection.

And it is that sometimes we seek perfection does not proceed.
Same with yoga … not make perfect postures. Is living practice. It is, as the saying
Phrase yoga today, see what is resisting our natural state.


The book I have already done, is what I’m currently putting at your disposal, with much love, all over the blog. To learn more you can click here.

“It is made by walking.”

We digitally I send a big kiss, and I wish you a wonderful Sunday.

Enjoy it!


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