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Meditation: restoring strength and energy

Suppose you decide to start meditating.
We sat down in a comfortable position, presented a beautiful landscape. And in that moment you realize that you are very difficult to concentrate on one subject, thought somewhere in a hurry, and you find it difficult to slow down the train of thought. It takes some time, and the position in which you meditate, begin to feel uncomfortable: the spine is lowered, legs numb, hands require movement. Finally, you find that meditation – not an easy task. Dont be upset! Relax in the meditation itself can not happen magically. To this must be done a certain way.

To begin choose for themselves a comfortable position.
In yoga it is believed that the most suitable are asanas for meditation
padmasana , virasana , siddhasana . However, there is in them a long time and, while in a relaxed state, it is difficult. Try it yourself to choose convenient for you body position. You can meditate while lying or sitting on a chair with a back, so as not to strain the spine. Turn on soothing music. Then, try to relax your body, watching him. Focus on your breathing. Feel the prana fills your body. It flows through the energy channels ( nadi ). Through breathing, you can control and direct the flow of prana, which in turn, helps to stabilize the mind and body for meditation. Together with prana you get a surge of new energy.

Meditation to restore strength and energy

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