Silva Method: 3 keys to be much happier in 2013

Silva Method: 3 keys to be much happier in 2013 3

Silva Method and 3 keys happiness

Christmas . There are really few words that hide much within himself; few words that convey us so many feelings and emotions at once; many desires written content and purposes.

Few parties make us so receptive and dreamers … And she, Christmas, December makes a magical month in which the problems and old grudges seem destined to remain in the drawer of oblivion.

The Christmas makes December a month where peace and happiness peek out the window, where the goals are going unmet by the back door and where new purposes come down the chimney willing to stay.

So why not use that to start 2013 with all the energy and make it your year?

From the Silva Method we want you to be happy, that every time you feel better and make your life where you always wanted to be.

So we offer something special: you take advantage of that state of mind which some call Christmas and serves the best of you to start 2013 with the best intentions.
It sounds good, right?

Silva Method: The 3 words that will make you much more cheerful and happy

Did you know that in fact absolutely all have the same goal in life?

Yes, we all have our goals and dreams … But there is an objective that stands out above the others, and is the same in each of us: we all seek, in one way or another, closer to pleasure and away from pain .

So to help you reach your goal number 1 and be increasingly cheerful and happy to share you want 3 words that will help you awaken your joy and it will make you end 2012 and start 2013 happy.

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It is gratitude, forgiveness and compassion.

A few days ago we were talking about them and you the keys to awaken joy in your life … and we are really convinced that if you put them into practice in your everyday life this year will be very different from others.

We encourage you to start incorporating them into your everyday from today and let yourself be infected by the happiness that each of these words appears to implement them.

> 1) The power of gratitude.

Gratitude is a key ingredient in the recipe for a full life, full of well-being and pleasant experiences.

With an attitude of gratitude you can turn challenges into opportunities, problems and solutions losses into profits.

But besides the habit of gratitude also alertness, enthusiasm, determination, optimism and energy increases.

And if that were not enough, anyone can increase your sense of well-being and create positive social effects just being grateful every single day.

Even increases happiness by up to 25% !

So all that we invite you to do a simple exercise in gratitude before the end of the year: think in 2012, and choose at least 5 times, situations or experiences that have made you feel good physically, mentally and emotionally.

May be an unexpected visit, a moment of peace, a reunion, a movie that changed your life, you accomplished that goal, a journey … Whatever it while you wake up in true gratitude.

And thereafter, take 5 minutes every day to thank the things that you feel good. It’s the best way to say goodbye to 2012 and start with all the energy 2013!

And if you need to know more about gratitude and why it is so powerful, we invite you to read our article “The incredible power of gratitude.”

> 2) The ability to forgive others.

The second of the keys to joy and happiness is knowing how to forgive others to be better with yourself.

When someone hurts us, it hurts us or offends us wake up our resentment, anger and disappointment … And that only gets hold onto the pain and wear us down.

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So for these days we suggest you try to forgive people who at some point you were hurt so you can let go of resentment and negative emotions.

No need you to tell those people, simply feel it from inside, internally. When you forgive someone from the heart space for inner peace, serenity and joy appears . And the latter is precisely the most direct manifestation of happiness.

Take a few days to reflect on forgiveness, and is gradually away those negative emotions that cause in you the people you injured …

The idea is that when you finish the year and leave behind the 2012 with grudges and pain you caused others so you can start from scratch 2013 also leave. It’s amazing what you feel when you forgive from the inside!

> 3) The value of compassion.

Many people agree on the same thing: compassion is the most powerful quality that humans possess.

But besides that, it is one of the few actions that bring both immediate and long-term happiness.

That’s why we invite from you try to set you and all around you, and whenever you have the opportunity to do something to improve someone’s life take into account that possibility.

Try to understand those around you, put in place, he understood their suffering and always tries to alleviate it as you can, and help them to make life a little better.

Compassion, “empathy into action” is one of the most direct keys to happiness

Christmas is an excellent time to implement it, but try to make it an attitude for the whole year. It is shown that those who are compassionate, live much happier.

Silva Method: Meditation; the key to your well-being and happiness

What did you think these 3 keys to be happier in 2013?

We invite you to try from now; We are convinced that cause great change in you.

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But besides that, try to save yourself a few minutes every day to meditate, to connect with yourself and to get away from all the noise and bustle of everyday life .
Meditate has over 100 recognized benefits, but besides that studies show that practicing meditation daily

1) Helps strengthen an attitude of gratitude .

2) It helps to accept mistakes and fosters an attitude of forgiveness respect to others .

3) It helps to be more compassionate in day to day .

If you reserve a few minutes a day to meditate, not only will you be promoting the 3 keys that increase your happiness but you will feel much better both physically and mentally and emotionally.

In addition, you will be turning your mind to your best and most powerful ally to achieve absolutely everything you want in each of the areas of your life.

By meditating on Alfa you can learn to solve problems, improve sleep quality, stress away, be more successful (and less frights), feel more energy and vitality or discover what the purpose of your life.

If you want to learn to meditate on Alfa we invite you to register in our free lessons Silva Method, where among other things you will learn how to meditate with the powerful audio alpha centralization.

And if you want to move faster, make your mind your perfect partner for this 2013 and use all the techniques and revolutionary to awaken the potential in you tools we invite you to read more here about the advanced course of the Silva Method.

We are sure that if you put into practice what we will achieve in this article will make your 2013 a great year …

We invite you to leave us your comment below with your top 5 moments of 2012 and you begin to implement the 3 keys to happiness that will change your life!

Happy Holidays from all Silva community