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Is chakra scientifically proven?

Is chakra scientifically proven? 3

The chakras of the human body

The vast majority of human beings only believe what they can grasp through the senses. But this is not real. Behind what we can grasp from sight, hearing, touch, taste and smell opens another world. A much more extensive and richer world than we could ever imagine.

Is chakra scientifically proven? 4


“Oh, man, know yourself and you will know the Universe and the Gods.” Oracle of Delphos.

This is not an invention of Alternative Therapies, it is scientifically proven by astrophysics: what we do not see, what we can not classify with the rational mind is there, as the matter and dark energy of the universe, offering and inviting you to know all its mysteries …

The Life Energy and the Chakras are part of these enigmas or … maybe not ?:

Civilizations as old and loaded with wisdom as the Greek, Chinese and Hindu mention in their writings, thousands of years ago to the Life Force, called Vix Natura Medicatrix, Chi, or Prana. It is the sum of the energies of the entire universe, both the macrocosm and the microcosm.

It is this materialized energy that sustains everything we can observe in the manifested universe, what we can grasp through the senses.

The human being is also solidified energy. This is recognized by science (1).

The Vital Energy of the universe is incorporated into the human energy system through various means. One of them is the Chakras.


chakras of the human body

All those who through their connection with the Unconscious have been able to see the Chakras, have described them as small suns that shine each in a tone, on a frequency, and therefore emit different colors depending on the vibration of the Chakra. 2) They are living mandalas that rotate rapidly with crystalline and brilliant colors, as long as they are balanced, without blockages. As they turn, they emit small waves of light, whose number increases as the frequency of the Chakra increases.

The Chakras exercise as vertices that rotate to capture the Life Energy. Transmit and transmute the Life Force in different frequencies and tones, necessary to maintain the balance of the human body’s energy body. They attract the vital energy from the outside and radiate it through the organism through the meridians or nadis, which are the channels through which this energy flows.

Due to the different frequency in which the Chakras vibrate, each of them uses a different means to recharge their energy, and then the organism.

The number of Chakras varies by school. In general terms, it is considered that there are 7 Major Chakras (although they can be 9 if the two splenic Chakras are considered), and 21 Minor Chakras for some doctrines, and up to 142 Chakras for others.

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The Major Chakras are located in the energetic channel of the spine, aligned on a vertical axis where the energy that flows through the body flows as follows: They capture the energy and are conducted through the meridians or nadis to the Central Nervous System, from which it circulates through the Endocrine, through the latter it filters into the blood, reaching every part of the physical body.

The position of the 7 Major Chakras corresponds to the main nervous plexuses of the organism in said corporal zone.

– First Chakra, Muladhara: is located between the anus and the genitals, also called perineum.

-Second Chakra, Svadhistana: emerges at 6 cm. about the navel, in the abdominal area.

-Third Chakra, Manipura: the point of origin of this Chakra is the point that corresponds to the lower part of the sternum, between the ribs, in the solar plexus.

– Fourth Chakra, Anahata: regulates the horizontal section of the body to 5 cm. of the solar plexus, up to 2 cm and 1/2 below the upper end of the sternum.

– Fifth Chakra, Visuddha: part from the base of the throat to the origin of the nose.

-Six Chakra, Ajna: arises from the base of the nose to a point on the forehead, between the eyebrows.

– Seventh Chakra, Sahasrara: it is located at the root of the hair and extends upwards at a point on the top of the head.


Each Chakra has a positive psychological action when they are balanced. On the other hand, when they are blocked, this action slows down, and may even potentiate negative psychic effects. Let’s see in detail what actions each Chakra collects:

– First Center, Muladhara: Amount of physical energy. Will to live

-Second Center, Svadhistana: Quality of love for the opposite sex, giving and receiving physical, mental and emotional pleasure. Amount of sexual energy

-Third Center, Manipura: Great pleasure and extroversion, spiritual wisdom and awareness of the universality of life. Connection with the universe.Healing, intentionality towards one’s health.

-Cuarto Centro, Anahata: Cordial feelings of love for other human beings and for oneself. Opening of life Will towards the outside world.

– Fifth Center, Visuddha: Taking and assimilation. Sense of self within society and the profession of each one.

-Six Center, Ajna: Ability to develop ideas in a practical way. Ability to visualize and understand mental concepts. Intuition.

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-Seventh Center, Sahasrara: Integration of the total personality with life and the spiritual aspects of humanity.


The Orientals said 6000 years ago that the disease begins with an imbalance of Chi, or Life Force. When the Chakras are active they maintain physical and psychic stability. If a Chakra is overloaded with subtle energies that vibrate negatively and this overload is maintained for a long time there is an organic weakening that can end in illness.

There are several causes that can produce this stagnation of the Chakras that produce hyperfunction (they turn too fast), or hypofunction (the rotation becomes very slow). Both one thing and the other, is an indicator of a blockage in the energy centers and it is important to correct them, since if it becomes stable over time, it can have as a consequence a physical or psychic pathology.

Among the causes that cause the stagnation of the Chakras are:

– Karma : the subtle energies that come from the universal energy field that can produce blockages in the Chakras, are conditioned by the Karma of each person. When we talk about Karma, we do not see it from the point of view of punishment, but as learning.

As Edward Bach said: “Within the greatness of existence for souls, life is no more than what a school day means for a child.”

In life we ​​are to learn. If we do not pass a subject, we refine it until we really master it. Let’s take an example: a person suffers from lack of self-esteem, which causes him great suffering by subjecting it to great insecurity. If you do not overcome it by doing a great job of personal improvement through Trust, the fourth Chakra can be significantly weakened.

Karma directly affects the other reasons why the Chakras are blocked, since they are all subject to the law of cause and effect.

– Mental Patterns : A constant mental pattern can produce a blockage in the Chakras. The decrees condition us to the point of stagnation of our energy. “I can not get it, I’m not good enough.” This type of thinking profoundly weakens the third, fourth and sixth Chakra. If this weakness remains constant over time, it may affect the organs associated with these energy centers. Keep in mind that the Chakras energy supply the meridians or nadis, and that a meridian sends less energy to an organ can have negative consequences for health if that organ is within the fragility of the constitutional ground of the individual.

– Negative emotions: emotions are the thoughts we feel physically. The feeling of guilt, for example, can be felt as anguish, fear, feeling of dirt, affects the first Chakra, the third and the fourth, and may even involve the organs and systems of solidarity. Many autoimmune problems, tachycardias or diarrhea, are the consequence of blockages of these centers as a result of guilt.

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– The human being is also conditioned by the energy fields that surround him. The telluric forces, electromagnetic radiation and / or space radiation affect our energy body in a very noticeable way. Thus, prolonged exposure to electromagnetic radiation, such as mobile phone repeater antennas, can produce, and indeed has been, in an alarming number of people, serious health problems.

Sleeping 8 hours above an undercurrent, or the famous solar ejections, considerably alter the vital energy.


As we can see, taking care of our vital energy will keep the physical and psychic balance and harmony in optimal conditions.

A practical and simple way to harmonize the Chakras is through minerals. Although the minerals are within a kingdom considered as inert, it is not entirely real. It is true that a mineral does not move, nor does it need to eat or drink. It is also true that as long as it is not manipulated by the natural forces or the human being, it does not die, it is not destroyed so easily. But what is undeniable, is that at a quantum level, minerals vibrate, and therefore have energy. Curiously, the atomic vibration of the minerals balances the Chakras’ rotation. A few minutes of contact of the proper mineral with the Chakras keeps the rotation of these free of interference.

Let’s see which are the most suitable minerals for each Chakra.

– First Chakra, Muladhara: Hematite, Red Jasper.

-Second Chakra, Svadhistana: Carnelian, Moonstone.

-Third Chakra, Manipura: Tiger Eye, Amber, Topaz.

-Chart Chakra, Anahata: Jade, Malachite, Rose Quartz.

– Fifth Chakra, Visuddha: Aquamarine, Turquoise, Chalcedony.

-Sixth Chakra, Ajna: Lapis Lazuli, Sodalite, Topaz.

-Seventh Chakra, Sahasrara: Amethyst, transparent Quartz.

The world of the Chakras is very interesting and opens the doors to the further knowledge of the human being. If you want to know the full extent of the Chakras, come and enjoy our workshop: Healing the Chakras through the Constellations.

(1) In the various disciplines of physics and science, there are several deficiones of energy, all coherent and complementary to each other. In general terms, the scientific definition of energy establishes an equivalence between mass and energy by which all bodies, by virtue of being formed of matter, possess energy.

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