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Is there any scientific proof of the existence of chakras?

Is there any scientific proof of the existence of chakras? 3

Science finally proved the existence of energy meridians

The technique of Emotional Freedom Technique – or meridian rapping – is becoming increasingly popular due to its availability and effectiveness. To ensure that in a few minutes to restore the emotional-energy state, no special devices, needles, or appliances are needed.

Is there any scientific proof of the existence of chakras? 4


All you need is to quickly help yourself and your loved ones in an emergency situation, when emotions go off scale – knowledge of the basics of technology and understanding of the processes taking place in the human energy system.

The basis of the Technique of Emotional Freedom is the movement of energy along the meridians. But for a long time the existence of a system of meridians was questioned, since there was no scientifically substantiated evidence of their existence. And if the meridians do not exist, then how can a meridian rapping work?

Now, when tapping – or tapping – is called 21st century yoga, it is very important to understand that the basis of the Technique of Emotional Freedom is based on fundamental concepts about the nature of man, the human body. This will help even more people to make rapping a regular practice to ensure a normal flow of energy, control emotions, achieve high results.

I suggest you get acquainted with the translation of the article Science Finally Proves Meridians Exist , which refers to the research of scientists who have confirmed the existence of meridians.

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Science finally proved the existence of energy meridians

What does the fusion of spirituality and science mean to you?

For centuries, the guardians of ancient wisdom and healers in a number of traditions had a deep understanding of the energy body. All healing traditions of China, India, Japan and Tibet, as well as other countries, talked about energy channels, meridians or Nadi, through which the vital energy flowed.

Life was seen as a bio-electric and vibrational energy phenomenon and therefore health revolves around balancing energy through various methods. Life was due to the vitality and energy that pervades and animates the body, enabling us to move, breathe, digest food, think and even feel.

Energy channels

The force necessary for life, or Chi, consists of two kinds of forces, Yin and Yang, and flows through a complex network of energy channels or meridians, circulating in the body. More than 2,000 years ago, ancient cultures knew about the existence of these energy channels. They were called “sen” in Thailand, “nadi” in India, “meridians”, “canals” or “vessels” in China and Japan, and “canals” in Tibet. In India, where many oriental methods of healing art were developed, they talked about the existence of 72,000 nadis or energy channels.

It is believed that the disease is a blockage of the flow of energy in these channels. A wide range of medical traditions, including acupuncture, acupressure, massage and yoga, are based on the principle of the existence of energy channels or paths called meridians, or nadis, over a vast network of which the energy circulates in the body.

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Although for some, considering the energy body while we are all composed of flesh and blood, it may seem somewhat divorced from reality, initially we are energy structures built into the energy field. Our bodies are electromagnetic in nature, and these frequencies have been measured by science using modern devices, such as ECG and MRI, for many years.

Numerous studies show that energy channels and points conduct electricity even when needles are not being used. It was found that the Shiatsu massage technique stimulates the same energy impact. Similarly, it was found that Qigong, Tai Chi and yoga postures increase electrical conductivity at acupuncture points, and yet science has never believed in the existence of meridians to this day.

energy meridians

A whole series of healing traditions is based on the principle of meridians.

Scientific research

Recently, scientists at the Seoul National University have confirmed the existence of meridians, which they refer to as the “primary vascular system” (premovascular system). They say that this system is an important part of the cardiovascular system.

Earlier, North Korean scientist Kim Bong-Khan announced the discovery of meridians in the early 1960s. Dr. Kim Bong-Khan showed more than 50 years ago that there are new tubular structures inside and outside the blood and lymph vessels, as well as on the surface of the internal organs and under the skin. He believed that they were traditional lines of meridians. The meridians were called the capillaries or canals of Bong Khan after his research, but now the existence of this system in various organs was confirmed by further research.

Modern Korean researchers now believe that the primary vascular system is essentially a physical component of the system of meridian energy points. It was also suggested that this system is involved in the distribution of the energy flow and information transmitted by bio-photons (electromagnetic waves of light) and DNA.

energy meridians

Perhaps there is a connection between meridians and energy, and information encoded in DNA.

Korean scientists who study oriental medicine with biophysical methods introduced a special coloring material that stained the meridians. By injecting the dye into biologically active points, they were able to see fine lines. They did not appear in places where there were no active points, and there were no meridians.

The researchers found that the lines of the meridians are not limited to the skin, but in fact they are a specific system of channels through which the liquid flows, and that this fluid is collected to form stem cells.

Previously, scientists used a combination of imaging and CT scanning techniques to observe the points of concentration of capillary structures that clearly correspond to the map of acupuncture points created by Chinese energy practitioners in ancient times. In a study published in the Journal of Electronic Spectroscopy and Related Phenomena, scientists used CT scans with a contrasting radioactive substance injected into both biologically active points and other parts of the body. CT scan revealed clear differences in the anatomical structure of non-acupuncture and acupuncture points.

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energy meridians

Scientists injected a special colorant that colored the meridians.

The system of meridians

There are 12 main pairs of meridians and two single median meridians, six Yan and six Yin. The Yan meridians pass down the body and the Yin meridians flow upward along the body. Each meridian is also associated with an element. Each meridian is most active at a certain time of the day or night, and each meridian is influenced by the element or time of the year.

The nature of meridians, in their elemental structure and as vessels for life force, demonstrates the complexity and deep connection of our body with the universe at the cellular level. We are inextricably linked by elements, energy structure and energy flow with all life, at the cellular, physical level. They say that our land has energy channels, or ley lines (lines of energy of the earth), which are akin to meridians.

energy meridians

The scheme of meridians created by Chinese practitioners of healers 2000 years ago

What does the meridians have to health?

Our body needs balance. A balanced flow of energy, not excessive or too lean, contributes to good health. The same applies to how we live our lives. Balance is of paramount importance. Just enough food, water and a healthy balanced lifestyle. As the Buddha said: “middle way” or moderation in everything.

We see this harmony and balance in life, the balance between the energies of Yin and Yang – or, more simply, the male and female – the two opposite and catalyzing energies of the Universe.

energy meridians

We need balance in our body, energy should not be too much and not too little. Energy is spent on maintaining life, digestion, physical activity.

We are healthy, full of energy and strength, if between these two forces of Yin and Yang in our body there is harmony and balance. If the balance is broken, and the inflow of one of these forces becomes larger than the other, then there is a disease. These forces, or energies, flow through quite certain channels, or meridians, in the body and they are the ways of the healing energy of the body.

In traditional Indian medicine, meridians are widely used. There are nadis found in the physical body, and these nadis constitute the nervous system, the circulatory system, the digestive system, the respiratory system, the lymphatic system, and so on.

Any obstructions in these canals – nadi – can lead to changes in the indicators of physical health. Nadis can also be found in a subtle body, where they are carriers of thoughts, feelings and nerve impulses. When the nadi are blocked, we lose our ability to feel and establish strong connections with other people, the environment and ourselves.

Just as veins and arteries are important for the functioning of the body, the nadis permeate our physical nerves and the matrix of consciousness that circulates through the mind and self, supporting our physical expression from otherworldly aspects of being.

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energy meridians

Chi consists of two types of forces, Yin (negative, female, night, passive, Moon, intuition, cold, softness) and Yan (positive, man, day, activity, sun, logic, warmth, hardness).

When the flow of energy is blocked, this leads to a decrease in energy and disease. Practices such as yoga and meditation work with fine energy channels, supporting the flow of energy through the body. According to some ancient Indian texts, there are 350,000 nadis or energy channels in the body.

In traditional Indian medicine and spiritual science, it is said that the energies of the physical body, the subtle body and the casual body flow through the nadi. Proceeding from this, they say that nadi are connected in special active points, which are called nadi-chakras.

The three most important nadi are those that pass along the spine: ida, pingala and sushumna. Sushumna is the central energy channel in the human body, and it passes from the base of the spine to the crown and carries the energy of kundalini, which is the primary evolutionary force. Kundalini is awakened through yoga and meditation, and is said to be dormant at the base of the spine.

Activation of kundalini leads to a higher state of consciousness. The goal of yoga is to provide a strong flow of energy in the sushumna and unification of the ida and pingala paths. The purification of all three nadis leads to a general improvement in health, body and mind, and spiritual growth. Various techniques of pranayama help to keep these channels nadi open.

The three most important nadis pass along the spine: ida, pingala and sushumna.

If you are sensitive to energy and have already transferred energy procedures, such as acupuncture, you may have felt energy flows or a stream of cold or heat, for example, passing up your legs or hands. This is the release of energy in the meridians and the flow of energy that was released when the blockage was eliminated.

There are many wonderful healing techniques based on the meridian system that support good health. By increasing the flow of energy through the body, balance and health are achieved, and we reach the contact with our true essence. Acupuncture is a therapeutic technique that was used in China as early as the end of the Stone Age. It was used to treat all diseases that people are exposed to. Acupuncture entered the modern Western consciousness only in the late 1970s, when China completed the period of isolation and renewed foreign political and cultural ties.

The scope of acupuncture has grown slowly in the west, perhaps because of the belief that it does not have a scientific basis. Perhaps now, with the advent of scientific evidence for the existence of meridians, acupuncture will be more widely spread to treat all diseases, as well as other remarkable healing techniques based on body energy, allowing more people to have good health and well-being.

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