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How Can I Reduce The Power Of The Prescription For My Eyes?

How Can I Reduce The Power Of The Prescription For My Eyes? 7

Yoga for the eyes is considered one of the most effective techniques for improving and maintaining vision.

How Can I Reduce The Power Of The Prescription For My Eyes? 8


There are many specialized literature and courses that help to master the exercises.

We will help you to understand this issue and learn how to properly perform oriental gymnastics for the eyes.

In yoga, there are a number of asanas that will help you improve your visionHow Yoga Helps Vision: Principal Differences from Gymnastics

Yoga for the eyes includes various exercises to improve vision .

It allows you to consider the problem of poor vision from a fundamentally different angle and offers interesting techniques for solving it.

Why the eyes need exercise

First of all, one must understand that such subtle practice as yoga is not just gymnastics.

The concept of yogis about the eyes is based on the following concept: the eye is a self-healing organ that not only is responsible for our orientation in space and gives us information about the world.

Our eyes – a reflection of individuality, inner worldview, regulator of the state of mind.

Most often, after starting to experience problems with vision, people turn to doctors for glasses and contact lenses. Yoga also offers a comprehensive solution to the problem.

Yoga for the eyes
With the help of a daily repetition of exercises, you can cure the following problems:
  1. Hyperopia
  2. Myopia
  3. Strabismus
  4. Glaucoma

It also helps if the surgeon’s intervention is necessary.

Very often people do not notice how they themselves gradually destroy their eyesight.

Yoga claims that the problems with the eyes are not the cause, which is an integral part of the modern way of getting information, but a consequence of the wrong attitude to oneself , one’s health and life.

yoga for the eyes
Exercising yoga for the eyes helps to significantly improve vision

Yoga allows you to awaken the brain reserves with exercises for  both the eyes and the body.

Various asanas allow to improve the organism in a complex way, but they have an effect only if the few conditions are observed:

  1. Constant repetition. Need to practice daily. A gymnastics for the eyes and does involve repeating the exercises several times a day.
  2. Proper nutrition. Many systems of the body depend on what kind of food people eat. The success of vision correction is directly related to the mode of eating, its quality and quantity.
  3. Recreation. It is very important to learn to relax and give your body a rest. Full relaxation of all muscles and muscles is a complex skill that requires constant improvement.
yoga for the eyes
Given the image and rhythm of the life of modern man, our eyes need a full rest and relaxation

Basics of yoga teaching for the eyes

Since yoga treats every organ of the human body with great attention, there is a whole subsection of this teaching devoted to the health of the eyes.

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One of the main books on this topic is the work of Ramananthata Yoga “Yoga Exercise for the Eyes”.

It contains materials on the latest achievements of modern ophthalmologists, as well as the difference between yogic practices and the medicine that is customary for us.

In his work Ramanantata writes: “The eyes are not just the organ of vision and not only the” mirror of the soul “, but also the instrument by which we can control our mood, this is a delicate regulator of the state of mind.”

But this is not only a treatise on spiritual principles and oriental practices.

The book perfectly describes the structure of the organs of vision, the impact on the eyes of the emotional state and advice for those who want to change not only their lives, but also the vision for the better.

Yoga for the eyes
Begin the relaxation should be in shavasana

In addition to the eye exercises available to each, the book on this section of yoga describes the following teaching basics:

  1. Gymnastics will not help, if at first a person does not cope with his psyche
  2. It is important to learn to listen and hear your inner self
  3. Eye problems are the result of overexertion, so it is important to learn how to relax yourself.
  4. The basis for strengthening the eyesight is training the muscles with asanas, spirit and mantras
  5. It is necessary to be open to the perception of the philosophy of learning, then it will begin to bring tangible benefits
  6. Hatred, anger, anger, distrust and stinginess directly affect the quality of sight

It should be noted that the book is written in an accessible and understandable language and is mandatory for reading to all those who decided to bring yoga into their lives and engage in self-improvement.

yoga for the eyes
In order to achieve the long-awaited result, you need to practice regularly

Yoga for the eyes – 5+ techniques for improving vision

Gymnastics for the eyes of practicing yoga begins with the asana Shavasana .

It allows you to feel your whole body, calm down and feel the full harmony.

Having spent about ten minutes in this position, you can proceed to training for the eyes.

Next, we will cite several asanas shared by Swami Satyananda in the book “Asana. Pranayama. Wise. Bandha “, as well as additional exercises.

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Palming (Snapping)

Often, general classes on yoga end exactly with this practice.

Nevertheless, it perfectly suits and as an initial exercise, allowing you to achieve the right mood. It is recommended to do it at least twice a day.

Palming (Snapping)
Palming (Snapping)

To conduct palming, you should:

  1. Accept Padmasana
  2. Close your eyes, completely relax
  3. Preheat the palms (by simple rubbing against each other, without using a cream)
  4. Put your hands on your eyelids, lightly pressing
  5. To soak up the heat from the palms of your eyes
  6. Repeat the mantra until the palms are cool
  7. Carry out three to five cycles

The nose like a pen

Quite an interesting practice of yoga for the eyes , which among other things is the prevention of glaucoma and pinching of the cervical vertebrae .

To execute it, you need:

  1. Sit down at an empty desktop
  2. Tilt back at an angle of 30 degrees
  3. Close eyes
  4. Try to write something or draw a tip of the nose
  5. Do about ten minutes
The simple exercises described by us will help to significantly improve the state of your eyes
The simple exercises described by us will help to significantly improve the state of your eyes

From side to side

This exercise quickly develops muscles around the eyeball and improves concentration.

But remember that it should be performed with the utmost precision.

The first time you can do not more than five to seven minutes, gradually increasing the time.

You will need:

  1. Sit on the mat, straighten your legs and keep your back as flat as possible
  2. If you sit in this pose is difficult, you can lean your back against the wall
  3. Put your hands perpendicular to the position of the spine
  4. Straighten his shoulders and squeeze his hands into fists with thumbs up
  5. Place your fists so that your thumbs are visible only with peripheral vision
  6. Focus on the middle between both hands
  7. Without turning your head, look at the finger of your left hand
  8. Then look at the area between the eyebrows
  9. Look at the right hand and again between the eyebrows
  10. Repeat cycle at least ten times
  11. If in the process of performing your hands get very tired, you can put them on some kind of support. The main thing is that the back should remain flat.
yoga for the eyes
From side to side

Circular rotation

This yoga exercise for the eyes is good for myopia . It copes even with neglected forms of the disease, provided it repeats several times a day.

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When you perform it, you need to stay in the previous position, but move back a meter from the wall and surrounding objects and do not give up.

Then you need:

  1. Look at the thumb of the left hand, fix on it the look
  2. Slowly take your hand back, up, down, smoothly describing the full circle
  3. Spend ten complete rotations with one hand
  4. Concentrate your attention on the right hand, repeat the order of actions
  5. Repeat the rotation of each hand, guiding the movement counter-clockwise
How Can I Reduce The Power Of The Prescription For My Eyes? 9
Gymnastics for the eyes recommended to conclude a short meditation

Full circle

As a short respite, you can use this exercise between the main practices.

It relieves the general eye strain and improves visual perception.

You will need:

  1. Sit up straight, but comfortable
  2. Keep your head as level as possible, look ahead, not focusing on anything
  3. Slowly start rotating both eyes clockwise
  4. To finish the circle with a look forward
  5. Repeat at least five rotations clockwise and five rotations counter-clockwise

Nasikagra Drishti in nature

But this practice for the eyes will be the ideal solution for those who are experiencing farsightedness problems .

Yoga involves conducting some outdoor activities, and Nasikagra Drishti is one of them.

Therefore, as preparation for the exercise, it will be necessary to comfortably sit on the street, in a quiet and peaceful corner, where you will not be disturbed.

Then the practitioner should:

  1. About five seconds to look at the tip of the nose
  2. Translate a look at a distant object (tree, house, horizon line)
  3. Repeat the cycle ten to fifteen times
How Can I Reduce The Power Of The Prescription For My Eyes? 10
It is useful to conduct classes in the open air


As a final lesson, you can use simple gymnastics for the eyes.

It is performed as follows:

  1. Mark objects as far apart as possible, which are visible without turning the head
  2. Slowly lead the view from the top of one object to the bottom of the second and back
  3. Repeat with objects that are in different directions (from above, from below, from the side)
  4. Two cycles per pair of objects

If you perform all of the above exercises in the morning and in the evening, then in a few weeks your vision will become much sharper, and your eyes will quickly stop being tired.

But, of course, for a complete recovery of sight, a comprehensive yoga practice is required .

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