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Acupressure is one of the oldest methods of treatment, originated in the East, in China, Japan, Mongolia, after the ancient healers discovered acupressure points on the human body. Today acupressure is widely practiced around the world, many reflexologist, and just massage therapists in the treatment of various diseases. A lot of people refer to such treatment in disbelief, skeptical believing it to be false. Speaking of acupressure, we often do not think that, in fact, an ancient and complex science, which is not less efficient and effective than the usual drugs for us.

Our body is in fact a large and complex system, all the parts and organs are closely linked. Ancient oriental medicine distinguishes the concept of vital energy – “chi”, which ensures the unity of the human body and its vital functions. Based on the concepts and teachings of the vital energy and there was a technique of acupressure. Vital energy circulates in special channels – “meridians”, which pass through the whole of our body and internal organs. It is a violation of the circulation of this energy in any area of ​​the meridian, and leads to the disease. Accordingly, elimination disorders leads to recovery. Traditional rules of the impact on the flow of energy “chi” in Chinese and traditional medicine have developed into a complex philosophical system. Many aspects of it are not provable scientifically, and even more incomprehensible to modern specialists. But this does not become an obstacle to the application of some knowledge of the practice.Acupressure 6

In the body effects account for 356 points, which are located on the 12 main meridians and 2 extra and additional 300 points. However, it does not always point location coincides with the location of the associated body. Thus, for example, on the foot is the set of points for which exposure can normalize the functioning of some internal organs. With proper selection of active points and dosage effects they can make significant improvements. An improvement of the general condition of the patient, reduced pain, the healing process is much faster than the traditional treatment. But in this method a lot of controversial issues, today there is no common consensus as to what hotspots should work for a particular disease. There are several authors who offer their points of active location map. However, all the cards are the same with respect to the localization of the points on the meridians, which are sometimes vital energy output.

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For a long time, the presence in the body meridians and active points was perceived as a myth, as the anatomical evidence for this phenomenon is not. But a number of studies confirms that these energy channels exist. The first such study conducted in France in 1985. When administered as a point of action of radioactive isotopes, their distribution was observed along the meridian, which belongs to this point. The rate of advancement is sufficiently high and 30 cm in the first 4-6 min after injection. near point, this effect does not occur when the introduction of radioactive substances. A year later, a study carried out by thermal imaging points. The study showed that active points differ in their temperature from the general body temperature, and they can be either higher temperature or colder. Several years ago, scientists discovered that the therapeutic laser light (red light) is best carried out along the meridians, which act as light guides. All of these studies and their results speak in favor of the methods of treatment of acupressure. Together 14 meridians cover the entire body, penetrate every organ. A pressure point massage is a way to influence the agencies work without complex side effects.

Depending on the duration and intensity of exposure acupressure can have either a tonic or a calming effect. The basis for toning technique is the application of short strong pressure and intermittent vibrations for 30-60 seconds. Toning massage is not recommended after sunset. Soothing method is based on the use of smooth, slow rotational stroking and pressing with fingertips, with a gradual increase in pressure and delay the finger at depth. Every movement therapist repeats 3-4 times without lifting your finger from the point. Duration of exposure per point – 3-5 minutes.

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Like any other massage, acupressure has its contraindications. It can not be done in the presence of malignant and benign tumors, gastric ulcer, with deep lesions of the internal organs, blood diseases, pregnancy.

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