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How do I concentrate while doing meditation?

Techniques to start meditating to concentrate

Meditation is an excellent tool to take the mind off the daily hustle and recover the ability to be focused.
Techniques to start meditating to concentrate
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In the hustle and bustle of everyday life, it is difficult – if not impossible – to keep us in a serene state, with a focused mind. On the contrary, we have become accustomed to live stressed and have a thousand pending : we must worry about our finances, our work, our family, be on time for our appointments … the commitments never end! Of course, it is not uncommon for our minds to be scattered and we have trouble concentrating.

How to get focused in the midst of chaos? In this sense, meditation is an excellent tool: it is perfect to separate the mind from all the slopes and recover the ability to be attentive to what is truly important.

To meditate, the first thing you should do is find a comfortable and silent space. The ideal is to sit cross-legged and straight back, although if this is not possible, you can sit in any comfortable chair. Take a deep breath and try to calm down: a thousand and one thoughts will pass through your mind, but do not get caught up with any of them. Just watch them go by! Then you can put some of these meditation techniques into practice .

Your breathing

One of the most basic techniques to meditate is to direct all your attention towards your breathing. Seek to calm her, inhaling and exhaling gently . Concentrate on the sensation produced by the air entering and leaving your nostrils, as well as the way your chest inflates and deflates. Concentrate also on the duration of each breath.

The mirror technique

Sit with your back straight. Place your hands on your knees; close your eyes and imagine yourself sitting in front of you, as if you were seeing yourself in a mirror. Try to reproduce with your mind every detail of your physical appearance: your hair, your clothes, your features, your expression, the way you are sitting … Then, visualize yourself from all perspectives : up, down, left, right, and, at the end, from a perspective that encompasses all the others.

Flashing candle

Close your eyes and breathe slowly and fluidly. Imagine everything in darkness, and in front of you, a candle. Visualize how the flame flickers, sometimes being more tenuous and sometimes more intense. Concentrate all your attention on its lightand let it transmit its serenity. You will feel much calmer when you finish!

Hakini Mudra

How do I concentrate while doing meditation? 5

In the Hindu tradition, mudras are the ways in which we can place our hands when meditating. Each posture with our hands allows us to induce ourselves to a different state: for example, relaxation, concentration or energy.

This mudra is ideal to revitalize, calm, release stress and concentrate your energy . Also, it will help you remember something you have forgotten. Sit with your back straight and place your hands in front of your chest, one palm in front of the other, but not touching. Join the tips of your fingers; direct your gaze upwards, just to the point that is between your eyebrows. When inhaling, place your tongue on the upper palate, and on exhaling, seek to relax it.

Dhyani Mudra

How do I concentrate while doing meditation? 6

This mudra eliminates stress, renews energy concentration and places you in the present. It allows you to “clean the way” of everything that distracts you. In addition, it helps to find the perfect balance between thoughts and emotions.

Place your two hands so that they rest on your lap; the right hand above the left adopting the shape of a bowl , while the thumbs touch. Direct your attention towards your breathing.

These are some songs that will help you enter a meditative state.

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