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What are some very useful meditation tips for falling asleep?

What are some very useful meditation tips for falling asleep? 3

Meditation techniques to avoid insomnia

Do you have trouble sleeping? These meditation techniques to avoid insomnia should help you.

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What are some very useful meditation tips for falling asleep? 4


Since you let us know that the subject touched you, we heard you and here is an article that follows our ” 3 tips to fall asleep ” previously published on this blog.

This time we are going to look at meditation itself, meditation to avoid insomnia . And as a gift-bonus, we offer 3 postures that will relax your body, thus facilitating the return of Morpheus and his old friend the sandman!

Meditation to avoid insomnia

First of all an interesting observation; worry about losing sleep is as damaging as insomnia itself. This anxiety is therefore the domain of anxiety, which is one of the affects that meditation, practiced regularly, allows to master the best.

Because precisely, and I will perhaps disappoint you enormously, if it is 3 o’clock in the morning and you read this article because you do not find sleep … It is unlikely that it is of a great help on the moment. (Let’s be honest and realistic, if miracle solutions really existed in life, for whatever reason, be sure that this would be known, and that includes ads found on the Internet, you know, those with a density of faults alarming spelling, so these ads, which promise you happiness in two clicks!)

So, to come back to our sheep (jumpers barriers) meditation will allow you to appease or cope with the anxiety of not sleeping provided you begin to practice “day” and regularly. The more you are trained, the more you are able to cope with all situations, even when you wish to sleep.

meditation to avoid insomnia

As mentioned in our article “3 tips for falling asleep”, if you really can not sleep, after a while, do not insist and do something else. Well, it’s the same for night meditation! Stop, find out who the 2007 Golden Ball was, or what’s the name of the new Minister of Agriculture, if that’s what keeps you awake, or go for a walk in the fridge, even if you know that it’s bad, or read a novel chapter … then resume.

Another case: waking up in the middle of the night. In this case of course, look for the causes because they can be multiple. Anyway, it is recommended to try a quick meditation session immediately. Half the time, you will go back to sleep almost immediately!

Here is a little “trick” to facilitate meditation in less than ideal conditions: for many long-distance practitioners, focusing on something like an image is deeply relaxing and soothing. They think that, for example, sitting next to a river or under a tree, at the top of a mountain are pleasant things to visualize. It seems that it really gives a feeling of fullness to the body and the mind. If another meaning to your preference, ask instead: Imagine or really spread a perfume or a favorite smell, think back to a pleasant moment of your childhood … Yes, we are in full madeleine Proust!

Finally, here are 3 interesting meditation positions as they each relieve a part of the body:

Happy baby posture: You are on your back, knees on the chest. Try to stick your feet together then bring your knees up to your armpits as much as possible. This posture relieves the hips and lower back and allows the whole body to feel more relaxed.

Posture of the Goddess: Sit with your knees bent, stretching outward. The soles of the feet must touch each other. Lie down keeping the position, arms at your sides. This posture relieves the inside of the leg and the groin where the tensions are concentrated.

Corpse Posture: Lying on your back, your arms and legs are fully relaxed, as if your consciousness no longer had authority over it. Mentally seek each of your muscles, and release it completely. Finally, become aware of your natural breath. This exercise relaxes the whole body, one part at a time, going from toes to the head.

It is never easy to cope with a lack of sleep, but again, meditation can be of great help, helping you repair the broken down mechanism. The meditation to avoid insomnia , it is primarily a workout that will give you control of your body and your mind will allow you to face any situation or virtually. Tempting, is not it? And it’s at your fingertips. We would almost want the next insomnia!

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