Science Promotes meditation Once Again

Science once again promotes meditation 3

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The science once again demonstrates the many benefits of meditation! If you want to know more, read this note.

The research, which was conducted with contributions of Wisconsin-Madison University, explains and supports the benefits of meditation that you know and safe experience daily: improves resistance to stress, cardiovascular health and response inmunitaria.También it was discovered that preserves certain areas of the brain that tend to age and improve care.

You’ll wonder how you might have arrived at these conclusions in a scientific manner?

The study investigated the effects of a day of meditation based on mindfulness in a group of meditators with an advanced degree -3 years of experience, with a minimum of 30 minutes daily meditation. These results were compared with a group of people who made no meditative activities immersed in a relaxing atmosphere.

The results were striking: a few hours meditators showed differences in the genes and proteins in blood cells that were not observed in the control group.

Dr. Kaliman, vegetarian and yoga practitioner, says that meditation is more accepted and integrated into the clinical setting each time. also ensures that there are numerous scientific studies that support it as a technique that can be added to drug therapy to treat chronic inflammation. Also asserts that anyone can feel its benefits even without being aware of it: only focus it attention on the breath, anyone untrained in meditation, can trigger relaxation. This first evidenced in decreasing respiratory rate.

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Meditation stimulates a part of the brain called the amygdala which is responsible for triggering the reaction to stress. This was detected in people with only two months of daily practice of meditation. However, he also recommends other points to keep in mind that they must work in complement to the practice of meditation: healthy eating and exercise.

Warns eating certain foods that cause damage to the metabolism and cognitive status. For example trans fat acids and red meat. Fats are found in those fried foods with low quality oils or subjected to high temperatures in the oven. Referring to red meat, does not discourage their consumption but it does suggest decrease.

Finally stresses the importance of exercise. It has been found that those who run or jog often have a highly positive impact on the brain. Each person must choose the activity that suits according to age, but it is always recommended aerobic exercise as it provides long-term benefits.

If you want to read and learn more about this interesting scientific study you can click on the link below

Now that you know the benefits of meditation are supported scientifically, what do you expect? Let’s meditate! Do not forget to share with us your opinion on research and personal experience with the benefits of meditation.