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What are some yoga poses to improve digestion?

What are some yoga poses to improve digestion? 3

Yoga postures to improve digestion

Some yoga postures do wonders on digestion because it allows an internal massage of organs in the belly, improving digestion. Here is a little yoga session with eight sweet postures that you can do at home. The ideal is to practice before meals, or even in the morning before waking before breakfast.

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What are some yoga poses to improve digestion? 4


Posture of the triangle


Yoga triangle posture

Stand upright with your feet spread across the width of your carpet and facing to the left. The pelvis remains in the alignment of the legs. Straighten your back and spine and start a slow, deep breath.
On an inspiration, raise your arms horizontally. On the exhale, place the right hand next to the left foot, bending the left leg a bit, the arm and the left hand are stretched towards the ceiling. Look at the extended hand. On the next inspiration, straighten the trunk vertically, arms horizontal, then release the arms on the exhalation.
Change the position of the feet and make the other side.

Posture of half-twist


Half-twist yoga posture

Sitting cross-legged, the hands are placed on the knees, back and spine are straight, shoulders relaxed. Take a slow, deep breath.
On the exhale, place yourself in torsion on the right, right hand placed on the left kidney and left hand placed on the right hip. At the next expiration, place yourself in torsion on the left, then bring back the body to the inspiration. Continue this way, alternating from side to side for eight breaths (four right-left cycles).

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Posture of Cobra


Posture cobra yoga

Lie on your stomach, your forehead on the ground, your feet a little apart, your hands flat on the floor at shoulder height. Take a slow, deep breath.
On the inspiration, take off the head and the bust of the ground by pushing lightly on the arms, and on the expiration release while resting the forehead on the ground. Perform the movement three times over three breaths.
Finish the movement on an expiration and keep your forehead on the ground.

Posture of the cat and the dog


Posture dog cat yoga

In four-legged position, hands spread to the width of the shoulders, knees to the width of the hips. Take a slow, deep breath.
On the exhale, tilt the pelvis retroversion, while pushing towards the ground with the arms and rounding the back in the posture of the cat. Bring your chin to your chest. The inspiration is done by digging the back in the other direction in the posture of the dog, the pelvis in anteversion, the chin straightened, the shoulder blades tightened.
Perform the complete cycle six times over six breaths.

Dog posture upside down


Posture dog upside down yoga

In four-legged position, arms spread shoulder width and knees wide. The toes are back. The breathing is slow and deep.
Peel the knees off the floor on the exhale and point the glutes towards the ceiling, pushing on the arms. Relax the neck and shoulders. Stay two to four breaths in the posture then rest the knees on the ground on the inhale and return to the fetal posture on the exhalation.

Posture of the fetus


Fetus yoga posture

Go on all fours, glutes on the heels, forehead on the ground, arms along the body. Relax a few moments in this posture.

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Posture of the half bridge


Posture half bridge yoga

Lie down, feet near the glutes, the soles of the feet flat on the ground, feet a little apart. Place the arms along the body, tuck in the chin. Take a slow, deep breath.
On the inspiration, take off the pelvis of the ground then the back to the shoulders. On the exhalation, rest the back on the ground, gradually, vertebrae after vertebra. Do six times the complete movement. Then stretch your legs and relax.

Relaxation posture


Yoga relaxation posture

Lie comfortably on your back, legs stretched out, feet apart and loose, arms on each side of the body, palms up.
Close your eyes gently and relax all the muscles of the face and body. Become aware of your breathing and dive deeply into relaxation. Stay at least five minutes longer.

At the end of the relaxation, start moving slowly again starting with the fingers, hands, toes, feet, then stretch gently. Roll on the right side before returning slowly to a sitting position.

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