Meditate With the Silva Method: types of courses

Meditate with the Silva Method: types of courses 3

meditate with the Silva Method courses

What would you do if you knew what is the key to achieve all your purposes, have a better quality of life and be surrounded by peace and prosperity?

More than 6 million people worldwide already know the answer thanks to the Silva Method Life either through seminars or training course from home.

Other many people each day take the first step to the rest of his life the best of your life … But when it came time to make a decision reaches them assaulted a question: what is better, the online seminar or training from home?

From the Silva Method Every day we help thousands of people to have a full and happy life, and do not want that you can not change simply by joining a lack of information.

Would you like to be a more relaxed, cheerful, motivated, concentrated, healthy, creative, productive, balanced and happy person?

That might need to know which option the Silva Method is more suitable for you, so our purpose today is to answer your questions ????

Silva Method: classroom seminars or home?

Both face seminars and digital course of the Silva Method share basis and objective: leave the program mental development created by Jose Silva, scientifically and with millions of graduates tested worldwide, and contain what is necessary to awaken the full potential of your mind and turn around your life.

At this point, you’re probably thinking, “So what is the difference between the two” and especially, ” what choice is best suited for me? “.

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Coming up next, we tell you:

The ideal complement

First of all, we would like you to know that both the seminar and the audio course are two different options with the same goal: ensuring your comfort and make the rest of your life the best of it.

So the first thing you should know is that one is no substitute for the other, but complement each other. That means you make one of them does not mean being forced to rule out the other.

And now that we clarify this point, we explain what they are face seminars, what the training at home and what’s so different.

What are live seminars?

Face seminars are intensive courses of two days, which are held in different cities around the world and are conducted by certified instructors who have previously been prepared and qualified to do so.

They allow you to get the most in less time to significantly improve your life and achieve your goals.

What is the training home of the Silva Method?

It is an audio course, available in physical and digital version, which contains 10 modules with all the information, tools and techniques developed by José Silva to live your life successfully in all areas.

Basically it is the flagship program of Silva International, and in addition to the information seminars includes exclusive content from José Silva and his daughter Laura.



What is the difference between seminars and course?

The attendance seminar requires your presence, time and dedication during two intensive days; while the digital audio course allows you to take the course at your own pace, without the need of leaving home and with the option of repeating the time you need.

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At the seminar you acquire information much faster, you spend two exclusive days where you learn everything about the Silva Method, as well as meet new people and be able to ask questions live and receive answers immediately.

Moreover, in the course of training at home going at your own pace, you choose how long you spend, you repeat the lessons as many times as you need, you can listen anywhere as they are audios that you can take everywhere (gym, while cooking, when stroll …), and contains additional content that is not present in the face seminars (one of the bonuses of the course is an interview with José Silva where he explains his method!).

What Silva Method option is best for me?

That will depend, for the most part, your preferences, time and money.

The face seminar produces a faster impact, as it is two intensive days dedicated to the study and practice of the Silva Method.

In addition, as I have above, it allows you to meet new people, learn in groups and have a trained instructor to guide you at all times.

But many people do not have the necessary resources or two full days to devote to the seminary, even in some cities still teach the courses. All that separates this possibility.

Also, you should know that after the seminar ends must be satisfied, because we have to continue putting into practice everything you learned (two days will not change your life if you put your hand!).

On the other hand, the audio digital course gives you the opportunity to learn at your own pace, spending time as you can, listening to audio anywhere you want and you can have them even in your mp3 and gives you the option to review the course modules every time you need it.

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It is a more comfortable, flexible and economical than the seminars but both are equally interesting option.

It is true that being a training course at home requires some action on your part (and nobody can do it for you), but the other side are always Laura Silva and qualified for that at any time you feel instructors only on the way to your well-being and towards achieving all your goals.

Also accounts with a team of people who accompany you in your process. You can write us at any time and in less than 48 hours you’ll get your query resolved.

Therefore, if you want to know which option is best for you have to know that depends on your perseverance, your availability and flexibility of your time, your money and your preferences.

Even if you could try the two experiences would be great!

And now that you read a bit more about the two options … You already know what is best for you?

If you want a cheaper option where you set the pace, you hear modules where and when you want, with the permanent support of Laura and their instructors and money-back guarantee if the course does not meet your expectations, the course learning from home is for you. If you want to know more, to know what the course content and their bonds, and read experiences of our graduates, I can do it here.

What did you think the two options? What you think is best for you? If you have any questions write us and we’ll help you in everything you need.

May your life better and better!