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What is the difference between yoga and gymnastics?

What is the difference between yoga and gymnastics? 1

Differences between yoga vs. gym exercises, and advantages

2 yoga vs gym


More and more people are giving importance to physical activity and good nutrition, at least it is what the merchants tell me in the market where I buy vegetables, grains and meats.

On the other hand in social networks and the network in general we can see that the advice of experts in health and fitness, are very shared and “like” for people. These tips are simple, do sports and / or yoga exercises as part of a daily routine to enjoy a better quality of healthy life.

Both gyms and yoga are becoming very popular, which means that humanity is becoming more aware of their quality of life, but what is better? Today in Madness Fitness we will see the differences and advantages between yoga vs. gym exercises.

Yoga exercises vs gym

3 Exercises

Any frequent exercise is better than doing nothing, but if you do exercises that involve most of the body, you will know from experience that it helps to relieve stress, improves your health, you have more energy for the day to day and improve your state of encouragement among many other advantages.

The exercises in the gym

The best exercises in the gym are very rigorous, as well as gymnastics, swimming, aerobics, racing, cycling, etc. All of them help to put the body in a better condition, help to burn fat, give flexibility, become stronger against diseases, improve the cardiac system, etc.

To better document yoga vs. gym exercises, we list benefits.

Benefits of gymnastics and other exercises:

– Helps keep muscles, ligaments and joints in shape

– Relieves stress and helps the muscles of the body to have more strength and be more resistant

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– With increased heart rate improves circulation and prevents heart disease

– Sweat eliminates toxins better

– Improves the appetite and helps better digestion

– Burns excess calories and body fat

– Lowers the risk of developing diabetes

– Prevents against some types of cancer, such as colon and breast

– Reduces the risk of hip fracture in the elderly

Benefits of mental health exercises:

4 Benefits of

– You experience the benefit of getting in touch with people regularly

– It will improve your social life and how you feel about yourself

– You can sleep and rest better if you exercise every day

– Improve your mood

– Help treat depression

Yoga exercises

To better illustrate the differences between yoga vs. gym exercises, let’s now look at the benefits of yoga.

Physical benefits

– The body has greater energy, is freed of toxins, recovers its ability to heal naturally

– It is stronger against diseases and external stimuli and works in an optimal way

– Increases flexibility in joints and muscles

– It makes us attractive, beautiful, firm, strong and with greater inner peace

– Acts as a preventive medicine, stimulating metabolic and anabolic processes

– Improves the circulation of energy, and the body is oxygenated better

– Helps produce endorphins that reduce the pain and inflammation of some ailments

– We learn to breathe better, increasing the health of our organs

– Reduces aging, avoiding stress and eliminating toxins

– With the specific yoga exercises the internal organs are stimulated

– Improves sexual life and favors the ability to satisfy the couple in every way

Mental benefits

5 Mental benefits

– Calms the mind and makes it sharper, making us more stable and strong

– Can help fight depression and give a sense of purpose

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– You achieve greater inner peace, so the harmful effects of anger decrease

– More resistant to stress and more focused on what matters, mental clarity

– Help to sleep better, you are more alert and easier to concentrate

– Elevates intellectual abilities, improves self-esteem and contributes to positive thinking

Differences between yoga and gymnastics

1.- The first difference is in the process or the way it is done

When doing exercises in the gym , jogging, swimming in the pool, running, etc., there is intense muscle, heart, lung and mental agitation. It increases the heart rate, the arterial flow, the respiratory rate, everything increases in intensity and then falls to normal little by little.

For a sedentary lifestyle, this is a good way to help our body recover the activity for which it is cast, and in this way recover its normal or optimal functioning.

In the gym, even muscles can grow if food and rest are adequate. That is, you can shape the body, to look better, to feel better and look and be healthier.

2.- Another difference is in the mental control

6 Another difference

The focus of yoga exercises is to regulate the entire mechanism of the body. Very little physical effort is used in focusing on different regions of the body, seeking better control of the mind over them.

In this way, even mental concentration has been improved and the thought process can be kept under control.

It has been found that yoga is an excellent treatment for many psychological disorders such as anxiety, depression, stress, etc. It even helps to solve problems of addiction and it is believed that it can greatly improve a person’s quality of life.

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It must be taken into account that according to physiology, there is a certain correlation between the respiration rate and the life time. But that is already a topic for another post.

3.- Another difference occurs in the regulation of metabolism

When we compare the yoga vs. gym exercises, the benefits of one and the other and perhaps many opt for the average begin to appear. Unless you’re not an elite athlete of bodybuilding, the average between yoga and gymnastics seems to be a well-dosed lifestyle.

In yoga, conscious control of the breathing rhythm is made, which improves metabolism, intestinal transit and excretion. In other words, it helps to improve the internal cleansing of the human body.

In the yoga discipline it is believed that the mind controls the health of the body and science has shown that the nervous system controls the functions and movements of the body.

Differences between yoga vs. gym exercises:

1.- Difference

Yoga.- It could be boring and uninteresting for young people

Gym.- Interesting for children and young people, since it seems fantastic to build a beautiful body.

2.- Difference

7 Difference

Yoga.- It is less expensive since you only need a yoga mat and a guide.

Gym.- It is much more expensive, because you need a monthly payment, also hire a coach.

3.- Difference

Yoga.- It would be good to hire a coach, but you can also learn the different yoga postures online.

Gym.- Here the coach, nutritionist or doctor are indispensable, if you want to build a true muscular structure.

4.- Difference

Yoga.- It is suitable for people of all ages.

Gym.- Although they can practice at any age, the results will not be the same at an advanced age. Nor can those with heart disease practice it,

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