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Bikram yoga

Bikram Choudhury

Bikram yoga , or “hot yoga ,” is based on the classical asanas of hatha yoga. However, its main feature is that the classes are held in a well-heated room. Author techniques Indian Bikram Choudhury, found that Hatha Yoga is the most effective in the hot Indian climate, and not at “room temperature” premises of the northern countries. He therefore suggested that artificially create a hot climate in the room spaces.

The effectiveness of Bikram Yoga has been proven by example of the founder of the direction.
At a young age Bikram was forced to give up yoga because of a serious knee injury, which, according to doctors, for life was to deprive the youth opportunities to move independently. It was then in the head Bikram Choudhury was born the idea of ​​a new perspective on the practice of yoga, the essence of which is to perform the asanas in a heated environment. He rightly judged that all the postures of Hatha Yoga designed for warmed body as Indian sages practiced in hot and humid climates. Therefore, to achieve maximum therapeutic effect to reproduce these conditions in the classroom. Bikram was not mistaken, and after a few months of diligent practice he was able to regain mobility of his feet with a special set of asanas that Bikram performed at a temperature of about 40 degrees.

It was found that the body warmed faster gains flexibility and stretching, so in a heated room, many yoga exercises are painless.
Profuse sweating during Bikram yoga practice cleanses the body of toxins, promotes rapid weight loss. Bikram Yoga exercises strengthen the muscles, the cardiovascular and respiratory systems of the body, make it easy to back pain, relieve headaches, help to recover from injuries and cure chronic diseases.

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Classes Bikram yoga extend in smokers with heated air temperature of 37-40 ° C.
Classical occupation consists of 26 asanas, which are performed at a rapid pace throughout the hour and a half and two breathing exercises. Bikram yoga classes is to take a towel and a bottle of water, because at the beginning of training sports clothing becomes wet.

Who can practice Bikram yoga: This style of yoga practice is recommended for those who want to clean your body and lose weight fast.
The practitioner must have a good enough physical condition to withstand a given instructor pace asanas with hot climatic conditions in the room. Bikram yoga is contraindicated for people with weak heart and low pressure.

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