The stickiness of yoga mat is a very important property that is responsible for the quality of the clutch, which allows you to confidently perform even complex asanas requiring high control of movements. Some rugs have a special feature: the presence of a special factory protective layer. A real clutch of the rug can really be estimated only after the erasing of the coating in a few weeks of training, and in the future it can only improve.

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How do I keep a yoga mat sticky? 6


But more often it happens that over time the mate loses its stickiness, and you can gradually find discomfort when you have already mastered previously asanas because you no longer feel like an absolute master of the situation.

Do not throw away your non-sticky rug (if it was not always that way) – you can bring it back to life, and in the future treat it more carefully. Having an ideally tenacious yoga mat, nothing else will stand between you and the perfect Dog with its muzzle down.

Clean the mat after each use. Sweat, dust and dirt can accumulate on the sticky surface of the mat, turning it from sticky and clean to slippery and smelly. It is enough to wipe it with a damp cloth, sometimes applying a liquid detergent in a small amount. After that, wipe the surface with a clean towel and dry it in the fresh air. For additional antibacterial treatment, you can use a special spray.

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Make sure that the mat dries well after use and cleaning. Rolling it still wet, you risk damaging the fibers and the structure responsible for adhesion, so that over time, the adhesion may deteriorate. Avoid leaving it under direct sunlight – at least many mats will simply burn out and quickly lose color, and the material becomes more fragile and vulnerable, which has a negative effect on its performance.

Next time look at the floor in the studio before rolling out yoga mat. Since dust and dirt can stick to its surface and change the texture, the mop and bucket before going to work will benefit everyone. In a good studio, floors are usually clean and this works not only for the comfort of those involved, but also prolongs the life of a good rug.

Turn your yoga mat if it is two-sided and both surfaces have a sticky texture. Continuous use of one side can lead to uneven wear. If you find yourself slipping during the lesson, scroll only a few seconds and turn your rug over to keep training with more traction and convenience.

How do I keep a yoga mat sticky? 7If you practice hot yoga or actively sweat during classes, invest in a special towel to spread it over the mat. Depending on the material of the product, excessive wetting can turn the sticky mat into slippery very soon after starting the workout.

In the end, buy a new one when it becomes more and more slippery. Under the condition of regular and frequent studies, the shelf life of an inexpensive mat is from 6 to 12 months, after which small holes or spots appear, where the sticky texture is completely erased. This is a sure sign that it’s time to move your old assistant aside and choose a new one. If you choose from high-quality, inexpensive products, you can enjoy it with much pleasure for much longer.

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