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The influence of yoga on the psychoemotional state

All that we are going through, one way or another affects the state of the body and soul.
Our stress, fear and trauma that consciousness can not accommodate, pushed into the subconscious. They can lead to the terminals, muscle cramps, restriction of mobility of the body. Such techniques as body or dance-movement therapy helps to get repressed emotions and the body systems and to translate them from the unconscious to consciousness, to live and let go.

Yoga operates similarly. With practice you can really come to spiritual harmony, but often it’s a long and difficult path. Yoga – is not symptomatic treatment, it works with the root causes of problems. It skeletons hiding in the closet of your body.

Removing muscle clamps and restoring joint mobility with the help of yoga, we are able to understand the reason of a limitation.
Pain, or just unpleasant abnormal sensations in the body during the practice are able to tell a lot, if sensitive enough to listen. At the beginning of practice, you may not be aware of anything. Instead, you may experience mood swings, bouts of anger or desire to cry for no apparent reason. At this stage it is important not to give up classes and continue to practice, very closely and carefully listening to the sensations in your body and emotions fluctuations. May soon emerge in the minds of the events of your life, which is the true cause of bodily discomfort or restrictions.

In yoga philosophy, there is such a thing as the energy centers.
Their more familiar name – the chakras. Each
chakra is associated with a particular part of the body and aspects of personality:

  • muladhara chakra at the base of the spine – the realization of the right to life, the concept of “I am”;

  • Svadhisthana chakra just below the navel – the emotions and desires;

  • manipura chakra in the solar plexus – willpower and ability to concentrate;

  • Anahata Chakra in the center of the chest – the unconditional love and acceptance;

  • Vishuddha chakra at the base of the throat – creativity and self-expression;

  • Ajna Chakra in the area between the eyebrows – intuition and inner vision;

  • sahasrara chakra at the crown – the connection with the divine.
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Systems and names of the chakras can vary from school to school, but it all comes down to the fact that if the energy is blocked in one of the lower levels, it can not move to the higher energy centers, and a person can not develop fully and completely disclose potential.
Thus, the unresolved problems on the level of emotion or lack of basic trust in the world and domestic adoption of their right to life make it impossible to unconditional love or creative self-expression.

Doing yoga – hatha,
kundalini , or some specific practices for the elaboration of the chakras – we free energy, remove energy blocks. At first, it can greatly destabilize the emotional state. Since yoga is believed that the soul lives many incarnations, in this period, for you can reach some of the problems from past lives. To recognize and let go of their regular practice also helps.

What to do at the moment when the body hurts, my heart is restless and, simply put, blow your socks off?
Definitely, we need to continue to engage and nurture your “inner witness”. Observe what is happening to you, as if watching a movie with your participation – so you can experience emotions without plunging into the abyss of their head, and quickly realized the power of experience. Emotional cleansing will become more intense, if you add in the practice psihomeditativnye technology. This may be Kundalini yoga, holotropic breathing, tantric meditation. However, one should exercise extreme caution when choosing such training, so as not to fall into the hands of charlatans.

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A separate issue – communication with other people.
In moments of emotional catharsis, it may be difficult, because you have become highly vulnerable. Listen carefully to their needs. If you need to be alone, gently explain to relatives that you need time to sort out your thoughts and feelings. If you have always been infallible person, easy-going friend or vest, which at any time can complain, the practice of yoga can awaken those aspects of your personality, which will be closely under the previous image. And then someone from your environment may be unpleasantly surprised by these changes. You might even say that yoga is not in your favor. Just explain to friends or relatives that you have reviewed some of the attitudes and behavior. People you really expensive, can take you to new dimensions.

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