Meditation retreats without meditation retreats

Meditation retreats without going to meditation retreats

If you are looking for is to make meditation retreats, with the book I present here, you can do without having to attend meditation retreats. This may seem incongruous, but when you read the book of Matsumoto, you will realize that, without going anywhere, can perform 37 exercises to achieve serenity of the soul, just doing what a monk does to get rid of noise world without having to become a monk.


Meditation retreats with the “Manual of a Buddhist monk to break free from the noise of the world” 37 exercises to achieve serenity of soul Keisuke Matsumoto in Duomo editions.

When we talk about making meditation retreats, we always think about the possibility of finding silence in remote locations or beautiful paradises, never imagining that, just without leaving home, we are able to carry out our own meditation retreats exercising different practices, to find silence and free us from the madding crowd that accompanies us almost always in the cities and towns where we live.

Said Blaise Pascal, French philosopher and mathematician of the seventeenth century, that “all man’s miseries derive from not being able to sit quietly in the solitude of a room , and that is, as I told you in the post “Learn to meditate at home “ practice of silence is one of the best bases for serenity and thrust of your personal development. Well, if in another post of La Bibliomind you talked about other books Keisuke Matsumoto ( “Transcendental Meditation at home, washing, ironing and cooking”), now I bring this perfect manual to learn how to escape the noise of the world, because I like the song by Joaquin Sabina “noise”, we live too and through the 37 exercises to achieve serenity of the soul proposed by the author, you can get to share space with unruffled.

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Duomo Ediciones presents us again with another book of equal quality in printing and binding for a very affordable price, this monk Komyoji Temple Tokyo and BA in philosophy from the University of Tokyo, which through an exquisite simplicity , shows us that putting into practice the exercises divided into 5 parts, our lives are going to be improved in quality.

And we live torpedoed by too many noises from the clock that tells us in the morning, through music or car radio, traffic jams, transport, the TV, the noise of the office and even our own inner noise produced by our proverbial “machine fuss” we have a head, not to throw up thoughts and judgments every moment.

I always insist that Plenacción is not a place of religion, but a consultant for personal development based on the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, but I like to bring even those books that, coming from religious practices are neither extremists nor radicals, but showing other ways to calm and focus the emotions, without becoming a recluse or flee into inhospitable places, because when it comes to meditation retreats, to me at least, I still like to go out, go , move, become passionate, discover … but from a new way of seeing life; from mindfulness glasses.

So if you are interested in meditation retreats, but do not want now attend meditation retreats, this book can be of great help. As the Keisuke own “In life we all kind of noises bother. In the office, at school and at home, feelings such as anger or envy multiply. Would not you like to escape these hassles and hide yourself somewhere ?. This book is aimed at all those who want a little peace. “

Surely you too are looking for that peace of mind.

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