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What Is The Importance Of Patience In Life?

What Is The Importance Of Patience In Life? 5

“Today, the meaning of yoga is, above all, spiritual. Yoga exercises aimed at presence and peaceful situations and emotional encounter, and after practice I have received exercise these skills in everyday situations, “says Pawli.

Proper breathing promotes health

Yoga gained in huge popularity around the world has many different trends. There are species for those seeking physical exercise, looking for spirituality or those who need relaxation.

In general, yoga training consists of different positions, guinea pigs. Physically, yoga-aces are practiced in the bowel, muscle strength and balance. However, all the yogic forms are combined with one thing: breathing.

“Many of us breathe well on the surface. However, breathing is our most important body work, so it is quite justified to pay attention to breathing properly, “Pawli recalls.

Yoga aims to deepen breathing at the lower part of the lungs and to get the ball activated. Exploiting the entire respiratory capacity, for example, calms the heart rate, lowers blood pressure and improves blood circulation. Taking the breath into attention also helps to focus on the moment.

Yoga on each of their own terms

One of the toughest yogic tricks is that the species would only fit on the tips. Johanna Pawli has had to argue the argument one after another:

“No matter whether you are rigid or supple, for yoga is not to stretch your body to extreme positions. Movements are made according to each person’s own resilience and safety, listening to their own limits. Small discomfort is involved, but sudden pain is not “.

Not just rubbing but listening to your own body.

According to Pawli, yoga is suitable for all ages, both men and women. Only if you are suffering from some chronic illness, it is good to talk to your doctor before you start yoga training.

Pregnant women should also apply certain movements and some may even avoid it.

“The effects of yoga have been studied far, in over a thousand scientific studies since the 1970s. Studies show that yoga exercises activate the parasympathetic nervous system and promote recovery, regeneration, and healthy body function. By doing so, yoga has a beneficial effect on physical and mental health and mental well-being, “Pawli explains.

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What Is The Importance Of Patience In Life? 6


Getting started is nowadays easy, as there are a lot of online courses and online yoga services, and fast search on the web to find the endless number of motion-guided videos. There are also yoga studios and relaxation-oriented gyms around the country.

“It will certainly be a hobby, but in the guidance of an expert tutor, you can make sure that you are doing the right moves. The risk of injury in yoga is small when only the malt is listening to their own feelings, “Pawli explains.

Concentration exercises bring peace to everyday life

A conscious presence and exercise are an integral part of yoga, but it can also be practiced without yoga. The training session can be kept in the morning, day or night and there is enough space for a quiet environment, a comfortable sitting position on a chair or on the floor, and a decision to break away from doing something even for five or ten minutes.

Even a few minutes of concentration calms down.

A beginner does not have to go for the meditative state of hours, as studies suggest that concentrating for a few minutes to a moment will help, among other things, calm the blood pressure.

Mindfulness has a number of proven benefits: memory, learning, creativity and problem-solving skills, development of emotions such as empathy and compassion, reduced stress response, faster recovery from stress, and increased positive mood experiences and decreased negative emotional experiences.

Mindfulness stops to observe the moment as it is. The emotions or events that emerge in the mind do not react, they are only perceived, and the mind is slowly returned to breathing whenever thoughts go away. Practicing this technique can be a big advantage in stressful and busy everyday life, when the past and coming veil of mind can be directed to the present moment.

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Yoga training usually ends with a relaxation exercise or a meditation session, depending on your current needs.
Yoga is great for learning relaxation, as it is both a body and a mind. Stress in the body is caused by unilateral working positions as well as mind-boggling things.
Simply on the couch, “leaking” may not be enough to relax your body muscles. If, for example, a person with constant urgency creates tensions over a prolonged period of time (so-called stress tendencies), your muscles will not relax you by yourself. Then a conscious relaxation exercise is needed . Yoga stops in different positions also dislodge the “stretch tension”.
As you learn to relax, it also gradually affects the way you think about – how things are about the things around you. In difficult situations, you can be relaxed and face the potential difficulties with a quiet mind.


Yoga training means stopping everyday routines. When you just give yourself time and settle on a yoga pant, you get to face yourself exactly as it is. Other people and things can leave their mind. Yoga turns inward .
Yoga training is not only in body movements but also in mind. Body positions start from the inside, in the practitioner’s view, by hand, and the focus is on the movements. Gradually, concentration and presence will deepen . Mind relaxes and distracting thoughts are missed. Balance of the body and mind can be experienced simultaneously. Then we are in the state of meditation .

What Is The Importance Of Patience In Life? 7

Yoga’s Health Benefits

Yoga offers many health benefits, such as mental balance , inner peace, and reduced stress levels. Here are some of the benefits that it can offer to your health:

  • The regular exercise of yoga firmens the body,  improving and strengthening the muscles, which in turn increases the stamina and the tenderness.
  • In addition, it gives rise to increased energy in the body, resulting in a complete relaxation and a deep sense of concentration.
  • It calms the nervous system. This helps the body to be more relaxed, healthier and more sensitive.
  • It strengthens the bones,  thanks to yoga movements and postures. In fact, it is recommended for people who have problems with their backbone, such as a pertussis.
  • As it relaxes the nervous system, you can sleep more easily and sleep better during the night. This helps the body to feel rested and energized. In addition, the rest makes a very good mind that can become brighter and more alert.
  • Due to the yogic beneficial effects of a chain reaction on the body, it can also help  fight against  stress  by relaxing the nervous system,  which will help you sleep better, which will make you feel more peaceful and relaxed to brighten your mind, make you feel more awake, more active and productive slow down the appearance of potential memory problems.
  • As we said earlier, the yoga poses help to strengthen bones and make muscles more intense, which increases body movement, and this is a great addition to everyday chores.
  • Nerve system relaxation has many other beneficial effects, such as low blood pressure and heart rate, which clearly helps to protect and strengthen the heart.
  • It can also improve your sex life. As you practice yoga, you are training , becoming more flexible and activating your own mind, which can even increase the frequency and quality of sexual relationships.
  • When practicing yoga, you are forced to breathe deeply throughout the session, which can improve lung performance.
  • Last but not least, it is responsible for the release of endorphins , which leads to the  feeling of great prosperity and enjoyment that lingers with you throughout the rest of the day.
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In the exercise, peace of mind can often be found easily, spontaneously. Then it feels natural to decide on the exercise in a comfortable sitting position and stay in meditation – the state of inner silence – “indulging” the balance of experience .

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