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What are some exercises to improve your eyesight?

What are some exercises to improve your eyesight? 3

Yoga for the eyes, or how to improve eyesight in a natural way?

Yoga for the eyes, or how to improve eyesight in a natural way? 

Despite the fact that 90% of external information a person receives through the eyes, the eyes rest only when the person is sleeping.

Eyes are in tension all day long – while driving, working with a computer, reading, watching TV. All these actions tire eyes, as a result of which various problems accumulate:
• myopia
• farsightedness
• lacrimation, dryness, redness of the eyes
• foggy vision
• pain in the eye cavities

Often people do not realize that with the help of wearing glasses or contact lenses you can not cure your eyes. Incorrectly chosen glasses or lenses can, on the contrary, impair vision, so they should be selected carefully and worn only when there is a real need for it.

What are some exercises to improve your eyesight? 4


With the help of regular yoga exercises for the eyes and special relaxation techniques can be prevented and cured.

How does yoga work for the eyes? 

Many eye problems are caused by the ineffective operation of the eye muscles. The following exercises help improve blood circulation in the eye area, relax and strengthen the surrounding muscles, reduce the overall level of stress in the body and improve vision. As a bonus, doing exercises prevents wrinkles around the eyes.
The purpose of the exercises is to restore the so-called. the natural state of the eyes, in which the eyes do not have a long time, for example, during the working day, they are forced to look at a fixed distance, and they are ready to react and quickly adapt to look at objects located at different distances and at the same time see them clearly.

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Five simple yoga exercises for the eyes that will help improve vision. 

It should be borne in mind that when performing exercises, the movement is made only by the eyes, not by the head or the entire body. Exercises for the eyes should preferably be performed without glasses and contact lenses. To achieve a more effective result, it is better to do yoga for the eyes at a time when the eyes are not tired, for example, over the morning coffee.

• Stretching for the outer eye muscles.The warm-up activates blood circulation in the eye area and reduces possible discomfort sensations during the subsequent exercises. In each position, try to hold your eyes for at least two seconds.

Start the exercise looking straight into the distance:
– look as far as possible upwards, and then look down
– see as far as possible to the left, and then turn your eyes to the right
– now try to mentally draw a diagonal and move your eyes diagonally from the upper right corner to the lower left corner
Repeat the movements within a minute

• Exercise of the inner eye muscles.Exercise can be performed with both open and closed eyes. Relax and look up. Then circle your eyes in the clockwise direction. Try to go through every “corner”. In a minute, change the direction of motion.

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