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What Is The Difference Between Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga?

What Is The Difference Between Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga? 11

Raja Yoga

  1. Find a quiet place
  2. Make yourself comfortable
  3. Being in the present
  4. Focus on a thought
  5. Maintain peace

What Is The Difference Between Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga? 12


1. Find a quiet place

Find a peaceful place in your home or go outside in the greenery to find a suitable place to meditate. Early morning are the best because there is less noise. In addition, morning meditation defines your mood well for the rest of the day. To put yourself in a mode of reflection, you can play soft music in the background. There is music specifically designed to help you get into the meditation zone better in the early stages of learning. You should feel comfortable and relaxed at the chosen location.

2. Comfortably Sit

Sit comfortably on a chair or if you can not sit down. Ideally, the position of the lotus works well. Even the Vajrasana is fine. If the sitting position makes you uncomfortable, you can move to a more comfortable position. Make sure you feel stable in the sitting position. Keep your shoulders down, open your chest, and keep your back naturally straight. Gently place your hands on your lap.

What Is The Difference Between Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga? 13

3. Being in the present

Keep your eyes open and look gently at one point in the room. Make sure you do not underline the eyes while staring. Another option is to light a candle, place it in front of you and focus on the light. Slowly, remove from everything around you and focus either on the point in the room – the flame of fire or your natural breathing.

As you do this, your mind will have a range of thoughts going through it. Do not try to avoid them – accept gently and try to return to the present moment by returning to the point of your home. Do not let the thought come to you, look in a neutral way and pass. Be patient and deal with any thoughts that bombard your head and always come back to your attention.

4. Focus on a thought

Once the flow of negative thoughts diminish in your head and you feel calm, form a positive thought in your mind that will help you through the meditation exercise. Through awareness of this thought, visualize being calm and again. The thought must be on the lines of “I am quiet. ”

As you focus on this idea, it slowly converts into a feeling, refreshing your being. You understand the thought better, and it will lead you to experience a deep sense of accomplishment. Regal in the more positive thoughts and feelings that arise from this a positive thought. Other thoughts and memories will bother you, but do not let them distract you. Watch them go and come back to your positive point of view.

5. Maintain peace

A sense of tranquility illuminates your being that you feel positive thinking in your head. Try to hold on to inner peace during meditation to instill and carry throughout the day, which makes your day experience better. If you feel peace stealing or you are overwhelmed by something, take some time to meditate and return to your calm.

At first, practice meditation for 10 – 20 minutes or even a few moments if you are at work or outdoors. As you continue to practice, you will realize the positive effect it has on your overall well-being, which increases your awareness and concentration.

So, do some time in your busy schedule, and practice this meditation to better control your mind and a general calm.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of this meditation.

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Benefits of Raja Yoga Meditation

  • Raja Yoga Meditation gives you peace of mind and your body relaxes
  • It helps you develop a positive attitude and better react to situations
  • This meditation helps develop positive relationships
  • It improves concentration and increases clarity
  • A broad sense of self is developed
  • You will find purpose in life and work towards it
  • You feel content and stable
  • You will experience peace, and there will be an improvement in your health

Hatha Yoga

Yogis, it is very conditional, of course, can be divided into two groups – “philosophers” and “practices.” The former pay more attention to spiritual tasks, often neglecting the needs of the body.

What Is The Difference Between Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga? 12

Practice is also exercised by them, but this is mainly concentration and meditation, sometimes in combination with meditative asanas, mantras (praises, prayers) and mudras (special hand positions). This applies to such types of yoga as Integral, Surat-Shabd Yoga (Yoga of Light and Sound), Swadhyaya Yoga (education of the mind), Mantra Yoga.

What Is The Difference Between Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga? 15

“Practitioners” are engaged, basically, traditional Hatha-yoga or some of its variety. Note here that the basic, classical yoga – Ashtanga, was intended for a full-fledged combination of spiritual and physical aspects of self-improvement.

Hatha yoga can be defined as a system that aims to teach a person to control his body, achieve better health, prevent and cure some diseases. With its help they get longevity, active life and high efficiency.

Hatha Yoga ensures the balance of all physiological processes in the body. It returns mobility to the joints, straightens the spine, normalizes blood pressure and digestion, strengthens the immune system and hormonal background. And this, in turn, allows:
– to resist unfavorable physical and mental factors;
– successfully manage the body and mind, instantly and unerringly react to external stimuli;
– find a calm confidence in their abilities;
– stay in harmony with yourself and the world.

Translated from Sanskrit, “hatha” means “power, necessity or effort.” In this case, the syllable “ha” symbolizes the Sun, and the syllable “tha” – the Moon. Thus, Hatha Yoga establishes in the body a balance between the energies of the Sun and the Moon, between activity and relaxation.

Each Hatha Yoga exercise includes three obligatory elements:
1) the specific position of the body (asana), in which some of its parts or internal organs tense or relax;
2) a certain type of breathing when performing asanas or special breathing exercises (pranayama);
3) concentration of attention on the physiological site of the impact of asana; introspection; control over consciousness.

The fulfillment of asanas, because of their static nature, does not cause a large expenditure of energy, so that instead of spending life forces, their increase occurs; in the body do not accumulate lactic acid slag, formed during a different intense physical activity.

Currently, about 80 asanas are used, of which 20-30 are considered basic. There are also tens of thousands of all possible variations.

Often, Hatha Yoga exercises are supplemented with cleansing techniques (krijami) of the nasal cavity and mouth, gastrointestinal tract, respiratory system.

Advantage of Hatha Yoga in comparison with other types of recovery is its democracy and self-sufficiency – at minimal cost. You have enough space in a couple of square meters. meters and a rug. And the most simple and very effective exercises – with a reasonable approach – it is quite realistic to learn by self-instruction. Yoga can be practiced by almost any person, regardless of age, lifestyle and profession. Now there are even such varieties of Hathi as Baby Yoga, yoga for pregnant women, for bedridden patients, etc. In conclusion, we note the main criterion for the correctness of the performance of asanas: this process should be enjoyed with the appearance of a sense of physical satisfaction, and not fatigue and tension, and encourage further studies.

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Kriya Yoga

Conscious realization of the unity of the Self with the Spirit is the purpose of life, and consciously or unconsciously, everyone tries to move in that direction. When one realizes one’s unity with the Universal Self – one’s own spiritual existence – one is one with the universe.

The cosmic consciousness is distributed throughout the universe and penetrates everything. Human consciousness is limited to the human body and its environment. To reach the cosmic consciousness, it is necessary to amplify the consciousness that resides inside every living cell of the body and the brain. The practice of Kriya purifies and stimulates the brain and gives vigor. It also strongly magnetizes the physical body, saturating and feeding all its cells with an unalterable light, keeping them in a magnetized state.

The Spirit is born of Himself. The Spirit is forever conscious. God’s attention is equally distributed and fully focused all at once. We – human beings – having created in His image, latently possess the power to focus our attention and perceive our existence everywhere at once. By correctly following the laws of nature and practicing Kriya Yoga faithfully, one can amplify one’s consciousness and quickly immerse oneself in the Ocean of Cosmic Consciousness, or the Divine Spirit.

The science of Kriya Yoga is that knowledge which, applied to the heart of the human being, enables him to realize his eternal unity with God and to perceive that each of his acts is realized only by the power of God, Who activates his system while whole and directs all its activities.

What Is The Difference Between Raja Yoga, Hatha Yoga and Kriya Yoga? 16

Kriya Yoga is a scientific technique.

The practice of Kriya Yoga provides a direct divine experience – the divine light, the divine sound, and the sensation of pendulous movement of the vital power of God – allowing one to establish oneself in the Divine consciousness.

The science of Kriya Yoga is the most valuable technique for Divine realization. It is very simple, easy to execute, and gives the fastest results. With the help of the scientific technique of Kriya Yoga, we perceive the triple divine quality of the Soul, and by concentrating on the divine qualities, we overcome in a short time all the obstacles of the rooted anterior mental impressions, and the we establish ourselves in the Divine Consciousness.

Kriya Yoga is a scientific technique. His practice destroys all the unreasonable and unusual elementary tendencies still present in the spiritual centers of the human body. He awakens and restores the balance. It helps to dispel fantasy and ignorance, and to discover divinity within one’s own Self. The process of Kriyâ Yoga accelerates the realization of the Sans-Forme in the form and in the frame of the physical body. It is an independent spiritual discipline which in itself is sufficient for the realization of the Supreme Good.

Kriya Yoga is not a sectarian but universal discipline, which has been adopted to a certain extent by all sects and religions. Its main advantage is to be a practical religion, devoid of all dogmas and presuppositions. There is no conflict with any other sect or religion. It includes techniques that are entirely scientific, each step being based on experimental realization.

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Like all truths from physical science research, the beneficial results of Kriya Yoga provide humanity with a practical technique for verifying the truths offered by the scriptures. Concentration and meditation – obtained through the practice of Kriya Yoga – provide the means to realize these truths.

Kriya Yoga is an accelerated technique of very effective Divine realization. It is the most reliable and easiest route to the Divine Realm – the Grand Route of Divine Realization. By the divine power received in Kriya Yoga, one can transcend the human consciousness and reach the Kingdom of God at the speed of a rocket.

Kriya Yoga is a fast and very effective technique.

The word Kriya means that one lives one’s life by being guided from within by the perception of the Soul, which directs all our activities through the brain. Without the Soul, the brain can not work. Without the Soul, there would be no thought or disposition, and our body would be a dead body. It is therefore necessary to remember that each of our thoughts comes from the invisible body, from the inner soul. When one perceives that the Immanent Self is the sole agent in us, that it is active and functioning in our entire physical system, then the Divine realization is attained.

Kriya Yoga allows the simultaneous development of the body, the mind, the intellect and the Soul. Kriya Yoga is the essence and synthesis of all yogic techniques taught in the world. However, the meticulous austerities and painful processes often associated with large numbers of traditional yogas are totally absent in the Kriyâ Yoga technique. The scientific technique of Kriya Yoga taught by Paramahamsa Hariharananda and his authorized representatives is the authentic and original Kriya Yoga of Babaji Maharaj and Lahiri Mahasya. His practice is very easy and is perfect for a modern family lifestyle. The breath control prescribed in the Kriya Yoga technique, simple and easy to perform, restores harmony.

The Pure oxygen inspired by this process purifies the body’s inner mechanism, activates the limbs, and stimulates the appetite. It strengthens and rejuvenates the body, and increases the memory, patience, and brilliance of the mind. It purifies the body, mind, intellect, and life simultaneously. No dietary restrictions are required for this technique. The sincere practice of Kriyâ allows one to perceive the touching sensation, the sound vibration and the lightning flash of our divinity inside the body, and helps to transform the ordinary mind into a supra-mental consciousness. Kriya Yoga is a very simple yoga: it is the highway of all religions. It gives mathematical results. Kriya Yoga is a safe, simple, and easy practice.

This technique can be practiced without any restriction of religion, race, caste, or sex. Any child over the age of twelve can practice Kriya Yoga; a person aged 75 or over will also benefit. Kriyâ Yoga helps to develop a healthy brain, a sharp mind, and an acute intelligence.

Kriya Yoga is the fastest way to success. The specialty of the Kriya Yoga technique is that it promotes the simultaneous development of the body, the mind, and the Soul in the shortest time. It is an invigorating and easy process. It is a spiritual omnibus with room for all tastes and cultures. It is a living progressive spiritual path whose adaptability is the sign of its vitality. A salutary technique not only for the individual life, but also for the life of the entire human race.


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