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Disclosure of the Sahasrara Chakra. Video of Kundalini Yoga

Disclosure of the Sahasrara Chakra. Video of Kundalini Yoga 3

In Sanskrit Sahasrara means “lotus flower with a thousand petals”. Crown chakra
located in top of the skull, its petals are directed upward and the stem moves down along the central energy filament. It is also called peak chakra. Crown chakra – the center of excellence of man. Crown chakra brings together the energies of all the lower energy centers. It connects the physical body with cosmic energy system and is an electromagnetic center, which supplies energy to the lower chakras. Sahasrara Chakra – the starting point of the expression of all the energies of other chakras. This chakra is responsible for liaison with the supreme knowledge, of ability to make divine and cosmic ideas, and connect to the universal knowledge, light and universal love.

Due to the Sahasrara chakra we learn to accept ourselves in our entirety – as an integral component of the energy of the universe as the soul that lives life in this dimension, as well as in other dimensions of existence.
When blockages in crown chakra eliminated, and it is fully and ideally gets its power, all of the remaining chakras are also seeking disclosure. This is a result of entering our consciousness in a state in which we can use to identify the thoughts and feelings of the character of their locks and open them by understanding. All chakras vibrate at its very high frequency and each chakra acts as a mirror to the divine nature to determine its level, expressing its full potential.

Videos Kundalini Yoga.
Activation of Sahasrar Chakra


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