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Yoga for heroes or yoga asana for success

Yoga for heroes or yoga asana for success 3

was originally a rather austere practice since ancient times, it is only practiced by people who were called Vira – a “hero”. The path of yoga requires a lot of effort, self-discipline, austerity. Achieved success in this direction achieved, according to the legend, this superhuman state, when the thoughts themselves are realized yogi would not have thought about. It is believed that regular, sincere yoga practice inevitably leads to a state of perfection. So the idea of a regular, unwavering practice, as well as strengthening the will, self-discipline, the accumulation of forces, purchase unshakable confidence in victory – one of the most central philosophical treatises on yoga. After all, as they say, “Worth It!”

What are the techniques used to achieve the power of yoga in order to become Veer – heroes, victors?
Of course, a lot of techniques, but it is important to choose the complex, which is right for you. The principle of self-selection practices (without the
Guru – the personal spiritual master) is as follows: Take the ones that you like the least – then the result will be faster, and exceeding all expectations. Practices that are “like”, that it is easy to carry, can be practiced for a long time, for years, with no obvious results “vertical”: they allow a foothold there, but do not step into a new dimension! To paraphrase a famous saying, “real heroes” of yoga do not cut corners: the only way to become Veer, “the winner.”

body position, bringing the power of

The first block of the recommended practices to increase personal power and the acquisition of self-confidence – this asana Hatha Yoga designed to strengthen
the Manipur chakra – the navel energy center. In our physical body, this energy corresponds to the plexus region from point 3 fingers below the navel, to the solar plexus. By doing all of the following practices, it is useful to visualize the Manipur chakra in this area, representing the sphere of flame or glowing bright yellow sunlight sphere (ball) in this area; wherein in the stomach may increase pleasant heat.

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Beginners heroes must necessarily include complex daily practice the following
asanas of yoga : Virabhadrasana 1 and Virabhadrasana 2 ( “pose a Hero”), Utthita Trikonasana ( “triangle pose”), Parivritta Trikonasana ( “twisted triangle pose”), Parivritta Janu Sirshasana ( ” twisted posture of the head-to-knee “), Marichi- asana (” posture sage Marici “) Matsendrasana (” twisted posture “), Parivritta Kagasana (” twisted pose crow “), Parivritta Bhunamanasana (” pose Mother Earth greeting “). Experienced yoga should also do the Meru-dandasanu ( “posture of the spine”), Niralamba Paschimottanasanu ( “pose stretching back without the support of the hands”), Kashyapasanu ( “pose sage Kashyap”) Ashtavakrasanu ( “pose eight twists”, it “posture Ashtavakra sage “), Brahmachari-asana (” pose celibacy “), as well as Mayurasanu (” peacock pose “).

In-depth experience for heroes

In addition to performing asanas (always with a visualization of Manipur chakra), it is very important the more subtle practices: pranayama (breathing exercises) and bandhas (energy locks), as well as special Shatkarmas (yogic cleansing).
All this is very desirable to develop under the guidance of a qualified instructor, so we list only the necessary practice, so you know what to ask. From this pranayamas
Uddiyana-bandha – the abdominal energy lock. Further, Shatkarmas technology (cleaning) should do Nauli ( “wave”) daily, Shankha-Prakshalanu ( “gesture shell”) 2-4 times a year, Kundzhali (yogic vomiting) if weak digestion – once a week (ie, . for health).

Safety for heroes

Guided in practice the principle of “be patient Cossack chieftain will”, do not go to extremes and forget about safety.
Doing any yoga – the physical and the more breathing – we are keenly listen to inner feelings, avoiding strong discomfort and thus, damage to health. It is important to first learn all the techniques under the guidance of a teacher in the future, you can practice on their own.

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Asanas are performed until the feeling that you did a good job today.
If the muscles are shaking and breathing heavily straying – get out of the posture; After a short break, if there is power – do pose another 1-2 times at intervals.

My thoughts, my anchor …

Advanced yogis do not differ that are capable of holding difficult pose for a long time (although it also comes with experience), and the fact that they can not simply perform an asana, but “relax” in it, that is, to let go of all the muscles that do not participate in fixing it, and immerse the mind in a state of active thoughtlessness – ”
Ujjayi – “mental breathing yogis.”

And the last advice of an experienced practitioner.
Breathing Awareness: literally
each inhalation and each output – a key point; if they get enough energy in this process – each cycle of breathing is perceived as unique, and it becomes a meditation (ajapa japa). In addition, visualization of Manipur chakra should be straightforward, clear and stable! Initially, you can omit the inner eye “look” of the head in the stomach, but gradually Achieve the feeling that you “see”, feel like – as it were, from Manipur, and not from the head, that familiar. These two Council really will bring your practice to the next level and help you achieve success.

Author: Alex Sokolowski

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