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Yoga tour in Sri Lanka with Veronika Volkova

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What is the wounded warrior pose in yoga? 1

What is the wounded warrior pose in yoga?

The Pose of a Warrior Loading… Sometimes you realize that the body is not in the best physical shape, that you should start doing gymnastics, pilates or yoga, especially if before that the physical exercises were memories of school physical education lessons or rare and occasional trips to the gym.¬†And, strange as it may seem, […]

Ayurveda for dental health

Healthy teeth – it is, above all, actively chewing teeth. The formation of cavities in the teeth (caries) and periodontal disease, Ayurveda, considered signs of excitation wool in bone tissue. Dental diseases are often caused by lack of calcium, magnesium and zinc. In order to avoid diseases of the teeth and gums, Ayurveda recommends … […]

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