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Asanas of yoga – Therapeutic focus – Flat feet – Bhekasana

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What should everyone know about Yoga? 1

What should everyone know about Yoga?

THE PRINCIPLES OF YOGA Loading… More than 250 million people practice Yoga in the world. As a global discipline of the physical, mental and spiritual, yoga can be defined as the uniting of the universal self or the deep, spiritual and divine essence of man (brahman) and the individual soul (atman). Which could be summed up by the […]


Hatha yoga as a form of yoga has a long history and a strong tradition. Therefore, today the most popular style of yoga. Many modern methods of teaching yoga ( Iyengar yoga , Ashtanga Vinyasa and others) – a kind of hatha yoga. Hatha Yoga gives the most general idea of spiritual practices. The practice […]

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