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Routine to Increase Your Self-esteem | 3Self-esteem is defined as self-esteem. And this self-love is what allows us to develop in everyday life. If there is no love we tend to let up, we doubt our abilities and we become so pessimistic that we limit our lives.

To increase our self-esteem do a routine for 30 days.

Make a list of statements: statements are prayers that repeatseveral times in order to get used to think and speak well of ourselves. You must repeat these affirmations at least three times a day for five minutes . Write four lists five things each. What aspects want to improve week? For example , a work week: I love you very much, I accept myself, my relationships are successful … Then you change a new one . Use this practice until you see that these statements are part of your life.

Make a selection of music and movies that raise spirits: and even make you laugh a lot, these instructions handy. When we decide to change something in our life there will always be resistance, either from our psychological or emotional aspect. When you’re in this process there will be days that will be difficult to make claims in these cases uses the list of movies and music. Take advantage of the weekend to inject a good dose of fun movies.

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Maintain good power to raise levels of endorphins and serotonin, meats, fish, omega 3 chocolate. If you enjoy much better company.

Subscribe to an activity that generally do not. For example: never go to an ecological walk. The simple fact of doing something new break patterns of thought and behavior.

Remember all change creates resistance. Create an optimistic life style and good self – esteem takes commitment and discipline. Always keep your goal in mind. Live better, feel better. I can!

A hug,

Elias Berntsson and Lucia Beltran (partner)

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