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Advice to women in performing inverted asanas

Often after menstruation air escapes when the inverted postures from the vagina.
Many women do not talk about it because of shyness, but the discomfort remains. Air exits with a characteristic sound. Do not worry about it. Let’s look at the reasons.

Often women vagina tighten to avoid these sounds, but it is wrong.
In fact, aligning the position of the back, you can have an impact on the organic body. It is for this reason that you must perform Shirshasana and Sarvangasanu of the end of menstruation, but in Shirshasana and Sarvangasane necessary to adjust the position of the lower back. You must ensure that the vaginal opening is directed upwards, and the vagina itself down toward the front of the torso, while performing inverted postures. If the anus is directed downward, and the vagina up to the ceiling, then the uterus begins to operate as a pump, and the air goes out. Often it becomes a habit – it’s like “breathing”, which occurs in the uterus. But this is incorrect movement of muscles.

In fact, during inhalation you inhale from the vagina, and during exhalation, you breathe out of it.
This occurs due to improper movement of the abdomen. The abdomen should not pump air toward the feet. He should be sent back to back. For example, when you perform Tadasanu, you should not send the hips forward. The front part of the thigh should be directed to the rear. The muscles have to move towards the thighs. External hips should rotate inwards and the rear hip – open from the inside out. Buttocks should not rise, and should be drawn. This technique is also very important when performing Sirshasana and Sarvangasana, and then you can avoid almost all problems of the menstrual cycle. Often, to send into the stomach, women are relegated to the buttocks back, and it compresses the abdomen in the wrong way. You must learn to raise pubic bone straight up to the chest. If you will correct body position so the air will not enter the vagina and out of it.

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