McMindfulness, attention marketed in front of mindfulness

McMindfulness, attention marketed against heart mindfulness.

McMindfulness as a perversion of the true meaning of mindfulness is what I talk about in this post.


hyper-consumerist society that aims to release the true sense of the powerful tools of mindfulness paraa convert the “trinket” the McMindfulness as fad.


In an article entitled “McMindfulness” published by Ron Purser and David Loy, in which he highlighted “the danger of” comerciacializaciĆ³n “and overexploitation of Mindfulness concept” and whose links will leave at the end of this post and I encourage read, made clear the deviation produced by the fashions you try appropriating this hyper – consumerist society in which we live.

Distort the true sense of the practice of mindfulness to turn it into the circus McMindfulness is, unfortunately, we have been seeing doing a while now.

People who come to mindfulness in order to look only for their mere “salvation” thus increasing egocentric sense of practice when the true sense of mindfulness is also the great social sense involved, or those companies and organizations that have seen mindfulness a powerful tool to increase pressure on workers leading them to accept exploitation and misery acceptance of wages on the eternal smile of the Buddha.

In short, we must be very attentive to discern between true practice of mindfulness that is neither simple nor is it a matter of days of work, and assault involving the desvirtuaciĆ³n to McMindfulness fashion.

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Recently and a large supermarket chain, was a shower gel with the name “Zen” little less than promised perpetual light through the morning shower.

Not to mention all those spaces mushrooming all cities and towns in which sell everything from incense sticks, scented perfumes and eternal smiles to beat purse and wallet.

Pay a worker chump for doing more than 50 hours a week of work while you put on your premises “zen spaces” or “windows meditation” to talk about acceptance of the here and now as you do not allow family reconciliation but put foosball and games for your workers “desestresen” is not mindfulness, but the perversion of McMindfulness game.

Mindfulness, the true practice that has its roots in Buddhism and whose real meaning and strength can discover, to begin with , in these two great books of John Kabatt Zin, or both Jack Kornfield whose reviews you can read by clicking on the image below is working for your release and that of all beings around you.

book mindfulness

If you want a book Mindfulness here I speak of indispensable cuastro for your practice of mindfulness

I do not want to isolate mindfulness, but to try to make this world a better place.

I do not want to dress up McMindfulness mindfulness, but to realize what every human being wants to be your personal achievement in the context in which he lives every day.

It is here and now is from that here and now where we start a process of transformation that sustains all rooted not in flowers, incense, smiles and white sheets to the wind, but in the true sense which means getting up vada morning and start your day sitting on your meditation cushion, at least for 15 or 20 minutes better if it is several times a day.

And hold all day conscious attention to at the end of the clearly discern what is mindfulness of what constitutes McMindfulness trap.

Only in you and in your heart right track response and good mindfulness is.

Links to read the article “McMindfulness” Ron Purser and David Loy: (Original English)

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