Unconditional love as the axis of a new transformative revolution

Unconditional love as the core of a new transformative revolution

Cultivation of unconditional love and practice of metta. Bhante Henepola Gunaratana. Editorial Kairos


Unconditional love and practical, without a doubt, emerges as a new lifeline of your own reality and exercise to reach out to your true self and therefore who surrounds you.


I would recommend this book by an author whom I have already presented at other times and you can re-read these links:

“Meditation on perception,” “beyond mindfulness” and “The Book of Mindfulness”

A fundamental author when practicing and reading about mindfulness or mindfulness, and in this case worth reading on the cultivation of unconditional love.

Bhante, with that language full of clarity, elegance and warmth, plunges us into the world of “metta” as a practice of unconditional love; a word that comes from the pali and refers to the concept of “friend” and “sun”.

As I often explain in my workshops, talk about mindfulness or mindfulness is also talk of love and respect for all living beings and therefore unconditional love .

For the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, this “collection” of practices come largely from the tradition of Buddhism, but since plenacción, looking for an integration of all knowledge that comes from all spiritual traditions to converge in a “secular spirituality” to sustain us as living beings on this road we travel to throughout life.

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So close to books like this in which we are told clearly unconditional love is important to raise our value as people who can and must transform the world we inhabit.

If you do besides hand Bhante, it is sure to find new ways to understand your present moment in that journey of personal transformation.

Bhante a doctorate in philosophy, Buddhist monk for many years and worth listening through his books.

Given the historical moment we live, it is worth entering the practice of unconditional love as infallible for meeting with us peace both resource and we as living beings, and with the world around us here and now.



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