Mindfulness Manual for a life of serenity.

Mindfulness essential manual for a new life of serenity.

With the manual mindfulness, the Kairos publishing surprises us with an excellent publication for daily practice. A bedside book Mindfulness.


“The mindfulness manual” Elisha Goldstein and Bob Stahl Editorial KairĂ³s


Among the many publications that are emerging to speak of the practice of mindfulness or mindfulness, today I want to highlight this little book format in just over 200 pages, it opens a world of possibilities for the practice of mindfulness.

It is a true manual mindfulness practices for everyday life -of that is treated to come, as its subtitle indicates, of “daily practice stress reduction program based on mindfulness and MBSR which launched in its moment, Jon Kabat-Zinn.

Have a manual mindfulness, that is who buy the paper version I will say that is a very handy book, as we presented the Kairos publishing house, it becomes an excellent tool for daily work.

In each of my online workshops mindfulness practices such as I present my book “Life Mindfulness”, or 80 days of practices that carry out the Program 40 + LIVE NOW , we maintain mindfulness in daily life through practices that allow us to be aware of the bad life that we usually carry.

Mindfulness manual

Stress, dissatisfaction, irritation, verbal or physical violence, mental dispersion and even depression and anxiety, are the evils of these times we live in , but it is possible to overcome them from the consciousness of the present moment for the emergence of a new how to be, be, do and have.

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Divided into 5 interesting parts, this manual mindfulness takes us by the hand to discover, as I always say, it is truly extraordinary in the everyday and it is possible to put a new direction in your life.


Whether you’re already a practicing mindfulness as if you’re introducing yourself in your practice taking your first steps, I recommend you buy this book Mindfulness Goldstein and Sthal.

It is a book that also its format, fits in a small bag and is very manageable.

A moment, breathe, refines the heart, meditates and are the five main elements of this guidance manual mindfulness.

You’re going to read a couple of evenings of quiet, but you’ll always carry to take and implement the many exercises and wise advice that populate its pages.

 Here and now you can start a new path in your day to day or deepen the practice of mindfulness with this manual.

As he usually does, Kairos leaves us a new copy of excellent care that will help you in this new time of change and transformation.

Mindfulness manual to read and apply to each of your present moments.

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