Yoga postures: The inverted postures

Do you fear the inverted poses ? Well you are not alone! How can you overcome this fear, and reap the benefits of these yoga postures so special?

In inverted poses , your heart is higher than your head. Some examples of these yoga postures are:

Simple inverted postures :

– Legs on the wall.

– Downward Facing Dog

Intermediate inverted poses :

– The plow

– Sarvangasana, inverted posture on the shoulders

Advanced inverted poses :

– Headstand

– Stand with forearms

– Pine

The inverted poses bring benefits to the cardiovascular system, the lymphatic, endocrine and nervous. Tummy keeps the lymph in motion, keeping the immune system healthy.

Investments can improve your mood, relieve depression and improve brain capacity. These yoga poses can also improve sleep, aid digestion and relieve back pain with regular practice.

So why do not we all inverted poses?

We are born with an innate fear of falling. Psychologically, fear alert you of a potential dangerous situation. Investments challenge the fear of falling. Learn to deal with fear can create a strong sense of trust. Confidence that you get with inverted poses you can also help with other fears.

-inverted postures
Inverted postures

The inverted poses literally makes the world look backwards. This visual alternative gives you a new perspective on the world, and a boost of strength and confidence.

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Ready to do inverted postures?

Here I leave some suggestions to get you started:

1- Find a teacher you trust . Do not try to make yourself investments. Talk to a yoga teacher to teach you the techniques and help you prevent injuries.

2- Start with simple postures , and go slowly as you gain confidence, changing to a more advanced position.

3- You must avoid doing these yoga postures if you suffer from neck injuries, seizures, high blood pressure, heart disease or eye problems. You should also avoid inverted postures during menstruation .

4- Always take your time! Concentrate on proper technique and builds a strong foundation for all investment positions.

Enjoy all the benefits of inverted poses!

And if you’ve tried the benefits, tell us your experience by leaving a comment below. Thank you!