7 Reasons Why do yoga every morning

Do yoga in the morning is a perfect stimulant to wake up every day. You active, nurtures and gives you a touch of energy and positivity for the rest of your day. Do yoga in the morning is an excellent way to stretch and lengthen the body. There is almost nothing better than the pleasure felt by stretching and twisting the body in the morning. A good yoga routine blows the cobwebs left you sleep, stimulates your mind and intellect.

Here I leave a list of reasons to inspire you to practice yoga every morning, and like me, you can enjoy the benefits that this wonderful habit.

7 Reasons why do yoga in the morning

1. Yoga is an efficient exercise.

Yoga can be a more complete workout in the morning than most think. It is easy in a yoga practice using all the major muscles of the body.

Speaking of efficiency, yoga offers more than just
running or cycling. I have nothing against running or cycling are excellent ways to do cardio and strengthen the body, and they’re also enjoy exercise! However, they are just very efficient working on certain muscle groups. Yoga can work all muscle groups, and atypical angles, increasing muscle tone and strength.

In addition, you do not need a long time to practice yoga, 45 minutes intense can give your body a powerful workout, mind and soul (and if you do 15 minutes will also be great! You can.).

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2. Make morning yoga gives lightness, strength and elasticity

Can you imagine going outside, or just start your day with an incredible feeling of lightness, almost as if you could fly?

As the practice of yoga in the morning gives me that feeling.
Start practice without eating breakfast, after drinking a glass of warm water with half a lemon. And at the end I feel lighter, and full of inner and outer strength. I’m resilient, I feel completely ready to deal with love all tasks and situations presented me in the day.

3. Invites you to have a day with purpose

The time I practice yoga in the morning is my time. It is a time that I share with myself, and I enjoy feeling unique, and yet feel that I am one with the universe. Practicing yoga in the morning gives me a lesson in humility, reminds me that one of the missions in my life is to serve others. And this makes the rest of my day has a purpose

4. enjoy the road

While doing the asanas, I enjoy every move, I am aware of my body and my breathing. I do not expect anything, just enjoy the way. And this is a lesson I remember every morning, and applied during the day. Love every thing I do not have expectations. Then accomplishments, however small, will fill me with joy, and smooth the way’ll face better.

5. You’ll increase your energy and productivity

Whatever the tasks I have in the day, it is much easier and more enjoyable if I feel full of energy. Yoga revitalizes the mind and invigorates our bodies. If I do then is write an article (like this!), Work on my Soluciones4Web tasks, or you spend time for housework, I feel a lot stronger and desires for all.

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6. You will be happily booth sea @

In addition, yoga relaxes me, calms my mind and my body. Interesting as something that fills you with energy while you calm, do not you think?

Practice in the morning makes my day is flooded with peace and quiet, despite the stress waves can reach us from other people or situations.

Meditation and relaxation are key in the practice of yoga, do not forget.


7. You’ll be happier and positivity throughout the day

Through breathing and meditation through exercises, managed to fully focus on the moment. When you practice yoga in the morning, no matter what happened yesterday or what you think will happen in the rest of the day. It’s a feeling that I carry with me always, when at some point I see that my mind is distracted with some concern, I try to bring her back, to live now. This is a habit that is learned, like everyone else, and daily practice of yoga helps us a lot.


There are more benefits, but I think these are pretty convincing to spend some time every morning to practice yoga, do not you think? Really though, you’ll never know until you experience it. You same you’ll notice if you really makes you have a wonderful day, as I’ve told you here.

This is my experience, and I’d love you to tell me yours. Can you leave me a comment?

A big hug friends, full of light, that motivates you to practice yoga. At least 15 minutes every morning, I’m sure you’ll see the benefits.

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