Silva Method: Learn how to focus on the Age of Distraction (includes infographics)

Silva Method: Learn how to focus on the Era of Distraction (includes infographics) 3

How to deal with the era of distraction with the Silva Method

Do not you think that many times you find it hard to concentrate?

For a moment think of the pace of modern life: rush, stress, mobile phones ringing, people up and down, incoming emails, school children, household chores, meetings …

We are living in the era of Distraction!

There are so many things that revolve around us that we often can not do something so extremely simple as to concentrate on a task, focus on what we have pending or terminate an action that is eternal and that if we concentrate would in a short time.

Since Silva Method we are aware of the importance of having a good concentration and how difficult it seems so .

So we want to put at your disposal the necessary tools.

And for this we want to propose a plan to avoid distractions and improve concentration.

But first we want to tell you why, in the age of distraction, focus is more important than ever.

Silva Method: The importance of maintaining concentration in the age of distraction

British historian Thomas said Carlyle that the weakest creature concentrating all his energy on a single object can do great things, lie the strongest man and outmaneuvered disperse his forces over many things, does not hold any .

But besides that, what can you do concentration for you?

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Concentration gives you total control over your thoughts, brings inner peace, self-confidence, inner strength, ability to focus and significantly increases memory and information retention capacity.

But not all. Saber focus on each task that you perform gives you a greater ability to focus on your tasks, it helps to study and understand more quickly, leaving the door open to useless and annoying thoughts so that they leave and not have to live with them, and gives you the freedom to choose when and what you want to think.

It also increases the ability to decide and implement decisions, provides better performance in daily life either at home or at work, and ensures internal happiness.

Really, is there any area of your life that can not improve if you learn to concentrate? The answer is NO : everything, absolutely everything, if your concentration improves so does.

So we want to share you a little “plan”, now you have.

Silva Method: About meditate and maps

As you saw when you manage to be a concentrated person automatically you are focusing on achieving your goals.

why we propose two things for you to accomplish.

1) begins to meditate. He spends every day a few minutes to meditate, and make it a daily routine.

To meditate you can use the technique that works best for you (and if you are one of those who say they have time, read our five meditation exercises express).

If you are putting into practice what you have in the course of the Silva Method probably already have this step covered (or will be in progress).

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Ideally put into practice the various tools of the Silva Method (You can read more about it here), but if you do not have or do not plan to purchase We recommend that if you download the free lessons Silva Method in which among many things learn to meditate with the famous Alfa audio centralization.



2) Always keep this map .

In this image you have everything you need to avoid distractions and improve your concentration.

Mind maps work very well, so aside to meditate always keep in mind this infographic designed specifically to improve concentration highly effective tips.

How to deal with the era of distraction with the Silva Method

  • Click here to view the full size infographics

In this infographic you have all the necessary steps to “face” was wisely to distraction.

We invite you to have always present, you can even save it to your computer or print it to always take it with you … The point is that the look a few minutes every day and try to incorporate the tips (not all on the same day! But you can go by combining ).

And if you add infographics your day to meditate minutes, not only are you away stress, gaining calm and adding humorous but also improve your concentration.

If you want to achieve a life filled with compliments much better purposes, now you know: you must improve your concentration.

And taking a few minutes to meditate and implement the tips of infographics you will succeed in no time.

We invite you to try today our “anti-distraction plan” to improve all areas of your life, and tell us below in the comments section did you think and if the topic interested you ????

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