Yoga is a great way to keep fit, relieve stress, work with your mind, and learn about the inner world. Unfortunately, in the modern rhythm of life, not everyone can afford to go to a yoga school, although he has a desire to study. In this case, an excellent choice will be at home.

Trainers say, do yoga at home – you can, above all, carry out a number of rules.

Choose a program

What is it like to start Yoga as a beginner? 8

The first thing you need to start preparing for home yoga training is choosing a program for the beginner. Recently, more often you can hear that the program should be individual, which will come to you directly from the depths of the soul. Naturally, this option is not for beginners.

To find the program, get acquainted with thematic forums, where you can tell what exercises you need to perform for the start, take a few individual trainings from the coach or use Youtube, where you can also find various training options for beginners.

Editorial One offers you to familiarize yourself with the following program of classes for beginners.

Choose a place

For effective training, you will need a quiet and peaceful place, where it will be light, warm and comfortable. In addition, during the classes you should not be distracted by extraneous matters. Experts advise to equip your corner for yoga as follows: put candles and aromatic sticks there, turn on relaxing music. It is very important that the atmosphere around set up for training and relaxation.

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What is it like to start Yoga as a beginner? 9

In no case do not perform asanas, watching TV series or talk shows – this reduces the whole effect from studies to zero.

Make a schedule

The main danger of studying at home is not observing the schedule: then on the TV is your favorite movie, then after work so much like a glass of wine, then fatigue leads you straight to bed. Therefore, it is very important to develop a correct schedule of training for yourself – and not to deviate from it.

It is best to choose time (especially at the beginning of your journey in yoga), when you are not tired and your body is ready for work: someone is more active in the mornings, someone in the evenings. It’s up to you. It’s important not to skip classes until training becomes a habit.

Keep a diary and talk

Often people who start doing something do not see real changes in themselves after a while, and are ready to give up what they started. In fact, this is a myth. Changes are already after a month of training. They are just not bright yet. In order not to face this problem, conduct a training diary in which you will record the performed asanas, as well as your small achievements: what became easier? Where did the pain go? How did you feel better? Such a tool will help you track your personal progress.

What is it like to start Yoga as a beginner? 10Also, the coach is advised to those who are engaged at home – always communicate in thematic forums or in communities. This will help to establish the quality of training, will ease the situation when you want to quit everything, or you will just have some questions.

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Yoga – an excellent kind of training, which makes the body flexible and healthy, and also helps to know your inner world. Train regularly and after a couple of months you will notice a huge change in your body and your thoughts.