Meditation: The chakras and our health

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All we’ve ever asked: Who am I? or How I can exploit my full potential? Well, there ‘s nothing you can focus on those responses as well as energy centers in our body.

A few days ago we talked about the close relationship between mind and body. If we use the full potential of our mind gives us, we can strengthen the body. And if we use the incredible power that our brain stores, our health will gain and, therefore, we.

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Is why, to talk about that special connection between mind and body, today we speak of something that has a lot to do with it: the chakras .

Our body and energy

According to traditional beliefs of yoga, chakras or “energy vortexes” are energy centers located in our body that are associated with physical, emotional and mental nature.

Through these currents flow vibrational energy at different speeds, and its function is to maintain the balance between spiritual, physical, emotional and mental health.

There are seven main chakras , which are responsible for absorbing and transforming the universal energy to emit it outwards.

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The idea is that these seven chakras are open for energy to flow and can live in perfect physical and spiritual balance; but our reactions to everyday life, such as stress, cause our vital points become dirty, clogged or closed resulting in various ailments both physical and emotional.

Conversely, if the chakras are balanced energetically, we can achieve greater vitality and improve physical health.

7 chakras

It is said to be more than 80,000 chakras that are distributed throughout the body, but the main seven. These are distributed and perfectly aligned between the lower part of the spine and the top of the head. Each of these “invisible wheels” or “energy centers” as they are also known, has a special function.

The first chakra is the root chakra or support (muladhara), and represents the balance with the perceptible world through the five senses, survival and economic well-being.

The second is the sexual chakra (Svadhisthana) located two fingers below the navel and related to creativity, interpersonal relationships and the state of sexual satisfaction.

The third chakra is the solar plexus (manipura), and has to do with the vitality, emotional balance, willpower, power and consummation of desires.

The fourth is the cardiac plexus chakra (Anahata), which is the one that has to do with unconditional love, healing, soul and spirit.

The fifth is the throat (vishuddha) representing the expression of being, communication and self-awareness.

The sixth chakra is the third eye (ajna) related to drive awareness, knowledge and memory, and co-creation.

And the seventh is the crown chakra (sahasrara), which has to do with wisdom, self-realization and total perfection.

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Chakras and health

Ideal for perfect harmony between body and mind is to develop the chakras, but that depends on several factors: our consciousness, our physical and our mental and emotional state.

Not all chakras develop at once, but one of these may have higher or lower vibration than the rest. For example, if a person has little developed the heart chakra is likely that you may suffer chest pains, circulatory problems or blood problems. Or if instead a person has little developed throat chakra, the energy channel may be somewhat blocked and therefore can suffer problems in the neck and throat.

According to Eastern philosophy, the chakras have an influence on everything that we are , that’s why that directly affect all systems. The harmony between the seven chakras represents the scope of global consciousness and universal harmony. But not everyone managed to reach that consciousness, and that it must first harmonize them one by one ascending sense: starting with the base chakra and ending with the crown chakra, so many stay halfway.

Even so, we can all learn to harmonize our chakras to be healthy and gain in quality of life. You dare? Have you ever heard of the chakras, or else just met the energy centers in your body?