How to practice walking meditation

How to practice walking meditation 3

walking meditation

Have you ever thought about how long we walked in our lives?

How many kilometers will have covered over our existence?

Is it possible to calculate these values?

But the real question here is really how many of those kilometers or have spent time walking, we have done with consciousness, enjoying the experience of walking.

Surely the answer is a resounding “almost nothing”.

Generally when we walk, our mind is anywhere but at present, and so we wasted an excellent opportunity to use that time to our advantage.

Our mind so agitated, restless and dissatisfied tend to jump from one thing to another, as you would a monkey jumping from one branch to another without stopping.

Our thoughts are millions of ways, and these eventually lead us to the world of oblivion.

If only we managed to transform our ways on a path to meditation, our feet would each step with consciousness.

Benefits of walking meditation

Meditate while walking is an important part of Buddhist meditation and a way of doing meditation in action .

In this type of meditation the goal is to use the experience of walking while concentrating.

Among the main benefits we get from meditation as we walk we can mention:

  1. We develop strong legs and learn to walk long distances.
  2. We increase our ability to concentrate, as we learn to acquire consciousness of each of our movements.
  3. We achieved a balance between sitting and walking meditation.
  4. Walking meditation helps our digestive system.
Walking meditation helps us to hurl the stress, relax and clear your mind.

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How do walking meditation?

Walking meditation we can always practice we have to walk or go somewhere.

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Something very important is that we must ensure that this practice of quality , so we must give it the time it needed.

And it is that walking meditation is much like the act of eating. With every step we take, we are feeding our mind and spirit. Therefore, if we walk with grief and anxiety, it’s like we’re eating junk food.

To meditate walking takes into account the following tips:

  1. Choose an appropriate place . The place you choose should allow you to be calm and quiet. Avoid places where you constantly stop, or that involves making many efforts.
  1. Correct posture . Before you start walking, you should put both feet parallel and separate your legs around your shoulders width. You should try to maintain good posture of your spine, aligning your ears with your shoulders.
  1. Avoid focusing on something . Walking meditation it is best to avoid focusing on any specific purpose. Ideally learn to enjoy the simple act of walking.
  1. Forget your worries . Leave behind your worries and anxieties while walking. When you walk into this dynamic to walk consciously, there is no room for any other thought other than to be aware of your present moment.
  1. He smiles . When Buddha practiced walking meditation, always she wore a smile on his face. And it is that when you smile while walking meditation, you get to experience a sense of peace, serenity and complete wellness.
  1. Breathe consciousness. This is one of the most important practices you should do while you meditate walking. Breathe consciousness means that these present in each inhalation and each exhalation. You should pay attention to your breathing while you’re walking.
  1. Walk slowly. Although you can walk at any speed, it is best that you do it slowly and taking small steps. Choose that rhythm where you feel comfortable.
  1. Uses a gatha. The gatha is a short verse that you use in order to focus your attention while meditating, and recite silently. This is very useful especially if you have trouble concentrating and your mind wanders easily. An example might be:
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As you inhale you can say, “In here.”

As you exhale you can say, “In the Now”.

Walk in full consciousness brings us joy, peace and quiet, and if you learn to meditate as you do, you will improve both your physical and mental health.

At the beginning it might be difficult, however, we invite you to take the first step by learning to meditate. Learn to meditate downloading free this material.

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